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Beautiful People--June 2017 Edition

Hello and howdy to all those reading!
I'm back for another edition of Beautiful People (created by super bloggers Cait and Sky, check them out, if you please).
The Beautiful People posts are for characters of mine which I created for stories which I thought up and have not published. Here’s a quote from Cait’s blog explaining it a bit more; “Beautiful People is a writing blog meme which I co-host with the marvelous Sky @ Further Up and Further. We post questions at the beginning of each month (generally around the 5th) that you can answer on your own blogs! It’s designed to (A) help you get to know your characters better, and (B) share with us about your writing projects!”
I'll be writing for Mei and Balantér, characters from the same story as previous Beautiful People star Aleksandr. Mei is Aleksandr’s one and only, while Balantér is Aleksandr’s archnemesis.

What’s their favorite place they’ve ever visited?
Mei went to Italy once and thought it was pretty neat. Balantér wouldn&#…

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