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My Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast (2017 remake)

Bonjour, my treasured guests!
On Fathers' day, my dear old dad rented the new Beauty and the Beast and I finally got to see it. What's that? "Did I like it"? To answer that question, I will ask and answer questions of my own. 

Did I watch the movie three days in a row? Yes, yes I did. Did I memorize Evermore in a week? Yes, yes I did. Was I impressed with the actors and their character portrayals? Yes, yes I was. Did I laugh, cry, gasp, and sing along in all the right places? Yes, yes I did. Did I put it on my Christmas list as soon as I finished watching it? Yes, yes I did.Am I listening to the deluxe movie soundtrack album right now? Yes, yes I am.On that note, did I like the movie? No. I loved the movie, a tiny bit more so than the original, even. Now, don't get me wrong, the movie had it's flaws. I want to rant on how awesome it was, so I'm gonna get the negatives out of the way real quick.
Ok, first off, the director of the film declared that LeFou was …

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