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My Thoughts on Moana

Hello, my fellow Disney fanatics! 

I figured I should pause my Beautiful People spam and post something new, so here's my thoughts on Disney's new movie Moana (without spoilers this time).  

And, good job, you guys at Disney; y'all outdid yourselves. Moana is a fantastic film all around. 

The animation is stunning, the songs are catchy, the story is intriguing, and the characters are great! 

I especially like how it wasn't all "go, go, girl power!" I appreciated how it was realistic in that she needed help and guidance, wasn't sure in herself, and had to have help to build confidence to take it all on. That bit of realism was great! 

The songs were all great, however my favorites were "How Far I'll Go", "You're Welcome" (who knew The Rock could sing so well?), "Shiny", and "Know Who You Are". My big brother and I also go around the house singing along to "Where You Are" (he and I bond with duets).

I love…

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