March 20, 2017

Beuatiful People--April 2015 Edition

Howdy, y'all!

Don't worry, Ilse, I’m keeping an eye out for good editions to help you get to know the characters you've stated interest it. Until then, however, here’s the April 2015 edition of Beautiful People (created by bloggers Cait and Sky).
It features Galina Stevenson, a perfectly normal member of society, and Oliver Wright, the worryingly eccentric guy no one talks to. They are an odd duo from my tale “The Dragon Whisperer of Cherry Lane”.

What is the first memory they have of each other?
Galina got around to bringing him some cookies as a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift. When he opened the door, he has a snake wrapped around him and he was wearing an inside-out shirt. She screamed at the snake and dropped the plate of cookies. The snake was startled and tightened around Oliver, who gasped as oxygen was cut off. Galina stood there screaming while Oliver just sorta fumbled around with this snake. Eventually, of course, he got it off. He thanked Galina for the cookies and complimented her on her screaming.
“You needn't worry about old Max,” Oliver smiled. “He’s not dangerous. Just a bit venomous. Now, as for Charlie-- he is one dangerous snake. He's big, too. Wanna see?”
Then Galina ran home.

Describe their relationship in 3 words.
Odd. Comical. Confusing.

What kind of things do they like to do together?
Once they got around to that, all sorts of things, really.

What was their biggest fight?
It was probably when the two were stuck in Firequain and had to work together, and their personalities clashed and they both wanted to do things their own way, and Galina blamed Oliver for getting them wrapped up in all this, and Oliver blamed Galina for getting them stuck there, and there were just a lot of unhappy emotions.

How far would they go to save each other?
Pretty far, on both sides. Oliver does end up risking his life for her, though it was just sort of an impromptu, “Oh look, fiery flying reptile with sharp teeth is about to kill you. I should probably stop that.”

What are their pet peeves about each other?
Oliver thinks Galina over reacts a lot. She could also dial back on the terrified screams, in his opinion.
Galina thinks Oliver is too noisy, too weird, too careless, and irritatingly adorable. Like, “Dang you stop looking at me with those sparkling eyes I'm trying to be mad at you.”

What are their favorite things about each other?
Galina loves Oliver’s confidence and compassion, and appreciates his sense of humor.
Oliver loves Galina’s level head, charm, and poetic genius.

What traits do they share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks, etc?
They're both left handed, and they both love mango sherbet more than life itself (slight exaggeration, but you get the gist).

Who has the strongest personality?

How does their relationship change throughout your story?
It goes from neighbors to awkward acquaintances to strained to friendship to mutual siblingship.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm

March 17, 2017

Beautiful People--March 2015 Edition

Greetings and salutations, fellow earth dwellers! 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

Beautiful People was created by bloggers Cait and Sky, and I'm here to do yet another edition. 

I will use a character one of my comical light hearted novels, “In Which I Lower My Expectations Dramatically”. So, everyone, meet Dianthra Bobswart. She's 11, unfocused, and a bit out there.

What is their secret desire?
She secretly desires to turn her enemies into cheese and feed them to her pet mouse, Dave.

What is the best and brightest moment they experience during the story?
She meets Samantha Hopper, the human embodiment of cotton candy and gummy bears. *cue friendship song*

What are the emotional places your characters are afraid to go to?
The shed in her backyard. She saw a rat screaming as a snake ate it in there. Never could look at it the same.

Is there a place/city/room where they will never go? Why?
Yes, she will never go to Hollywood, California nor Canada because that's where she reckons aliens live.

If they were permanently leaving town, what would they easily throw out? What would they refuse to part with? (Why?)
Like, everything except her mouse and diary. She really loves her mouse and diary.

What do they want (consciously and tangibly)?
To manage a B average
To fly around to world
For Frankie Peter Smith-Plankton that cute nerd from Geometry with unkempt ginger curls crooked square glasses and a Star Trek t-shirt who's always got his head in a textbook and his PB&Js in triangles to drop down on one knee in the middle of the cafeteria and ask her to marry him then have four kids two boys two girls and then adopt another two boys and two girls and to get dogs and cats and parrots and more mice and to be nerds together forever and ever and ever and ever *iNHALE*
To run a marathon

On the other hand: what do they need (on the emotional, subconscious level)?
For Samantha to stay the human embodiment of cotton candy and gummy bears
For her parents to stop fighting
For Frankie Peter Smith-Plankton that cutenerd from Geometry with unkempt ginger curls crooked square glasses and a Star Trek t-shirt who's always got his head in a textbook and his PB&Js in triangles to drop down on one knee in the middle of the cafeteria and ask her to marry him then have four kids two boys two girls and then adopt another two boys and two girls and to get dogs and cats and parrots and more mice and to be nerds together forever and ever and ever and ever *iNHALE*
To prove she isn't insane

If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?
She would probably change her appearance.

What is the most humiliating event of their life?
Accidentally sharing her Frankie Peter Smith-Plankton fantasy to Samantha in ear range of the school newspaper editor, who snapped a stealthy picture of her to post with this exciting news. 87% of the school mocked them after that, and Frankie wouldn't look at her for a week. And her parents found out and her dad gave Frankie a talking to so he wouldn't look at her for another week.

What things do they turn to when they need a bit of hope?
Dave the mouse
The average lifespan of the average woman
Cat memes

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm

March 15, 2017

Beautiful People---February 2015 Edition


Beautiful People was created by bloggers Cait and Sky.

Here's the first Valentine's Day edition! Woohoo! As a hopeless romantic I'm excited for this :3

I'll be using Lucius and Grace from “We the Broken”. I won't share much about their tale because that would put a sad twinge on the otherwise adorableness of these two. Let's just roll right into this one *rolls*
How did they first meet?
Grace was six, she ran out of the inn to explore and she got lost. It started to rain and she tripped in a muddy puddle, ruining her pretty summer dress and soaking her stuffed bunny. She started to cry, drawing the attention 11 year old Lucius who loves the rain and was taking a stroll. He kneeled by her and calmed her down, then he was able to lead her back to her inn after she'd given a name. Her parents were relieved and wanted to pay him or give him a job as a manservant, but he shrugged it off and casually grinned the next day when they visited his family’s palace.

What were their first impressions of each other?
Well Lucius was basically just like, “ahhhh a crying kid please don't cry wheeze this is so sad”
Grace thought he was really nice and sweet and got your basic six year old crush.

How long have they been a couple?
Well their parents arranged the marriage when they were still kids, so one could technically say forever… But they didn't start their year of courtship (they courted back then) until much later, and it's been 7 years since then, so… Seven years.

How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?
They're very committed and loyal, and since it was arranged they couldn't really break up, but wouldn't anyway over something like that.
Not really-- Grace was really sheltered and continues to be (most people in her life want to keep her safe), so she doesn't have much to stress about, and Lucius confides in Grace so they work things out.
If it were to come to it, yes they'd die for each other.

List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
Lucius likes his ice cream soft, and his favorite meat is nice glazed Ham.
Grace is drinks a glass of milk with every meal, and she is a cream and two sugars type of tea-gal.
A non-food quirk they both share is a desire to make up random jingles to narrate their lives.

Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Grace had various disappointed admirers, the most notable being one of Grace’s obscure relatives (you know the basic, Grace's dad had a cousin, the cousin had a mistress, the mistress had a kid, the kid married a chick, the chick had a cousin and that cousin was---), Wilhelm, was hoping to wed her and offers to free her from Lucius every few years, but everyone else is pretty chill with it.

What would be an ideal date?
*facepalms* I feel like I shoulda read the questions before choosing a duke and duchess from the 1800s.
But, their ideal “date” would be an evening in, either sitting by the fire and talking or hosting small dances/concerts.

What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?
They're contrasting, but in the sense of opposites attracting they mesh perfectly (they still quarrel from time to time, though).

What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?
Their best/worst moments together as a couple, like times their relationship was at its best/worst? Or just little things/moments that have been good/bad for them, like made things better or strained them?
Well, the first, the couple was at the worst at the start when it was announced that they were to have an arranged wedding. He wasn't exactly thrilled. The best is probably now that they're married.
For the second, let's see…
Bad moments--Wilhelm and Lucius got into a fist fight when the two families had gathered for a huge Christmas celebration and that caused some strain, then when Grace had her miscarriage and almost died there was more strain.
Great moments--Their year of courtship was a great bonding time for them, and their outings draw them closer too.

Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?
They see themselves as continuing their happy marriage, with hopefully a child or two. And some more dogs. They both love dogs.
but that's not what going to happen wheeze I'm a bad person well technically they get another 9 years but then whoops

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm

Beautiful Authors---January 2015 Edition

Hi, guys!

And now, “Beautiful Authors”! *aw, shucks*

How many years have you been writing? When did you officially consider yourself a ‘writer’?
I've been writing for 4 years now, and I considered myself an official writer when I joined a writers club at age 12. I still know a few friend from there. (*wink wonk* *cough cough* heya Ilse *cough wink couch cough*)

How/why did you start writing?
Well, I started writing because I had an idea and wanted to get it down. I started with a pencil and this notebook with a  dog on it.

What’s your favorite part of writing?
Bringing ones imagination to life, in a sense.

What’s your biggest writing struggle?

Do you write best at night or day?
Night (it's currently 23:17 (11:17pm) and since getting in bed I've written two chapters and three of these beautiful people things, which I shall post tomorrow--I actually should a turned this off 17 mins ago to get some sleep for school, but I can function ay-ok on 3 hours of sleep, I don't think the loss of half an hour will be that big of a deal).

What does your writing space look like? (Feel free to show us pictures!)
I have four writing spaces: a desk in a corner with a Big Mac, a desk by a window with this weird laptop thing, up I my room on my cousin chair by the window, and in my bed (I use my glitchy iPad mini for the latter two).

How long does it typically take you to write a complete draft?
7-9 months. I am slow.

How many projects do you work on at once?
2 or 3 big ones with a handful of small ones on the side.

Do you prefer writing happy endings, sad ones, or somewhere in between?
I'm all over the pace with my endings. Bittersweet and shocking are grand, as of late.

List a few authors who’ve influenced your writing journey.
J.K. Rowling
Rick Riordan
Erin Hunter
David Liss
And a whole lot more

Do you let people read your writing? Why or why not?
Yes, because they say they like my novels so I assume they'd enjoy reading it, and because one can never get enough critique.

What’s your ultimate writing goal or dream?
I'd like to publish a few big stand alone books, and maybe a small series.

If you didn’t write, what would you want to do?
Homemaker (stay-at-home wife/mom/etc.)

Do you have a book you’d like to write one day but don’t feel you’re ready to attempt it yet?
Yes, a few.

Which story has your heart and won’t let go?
Most of them, honestly. Don't get me wrong, lots slip through my fingers and are nothing more than sand beneath my feet, but most of them mean a lot to me because I put a lot of time and effort into them, even if I never finished.

Ok, now off to bed with me.

(Beautiful Authors was created by bloggers Cait and Sky)

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm 

March 14, 2017

Beautiful Books (Dec. 2014)

Hey, people of the world!

I'm going to skip the “Beautiful Books” of Oct. and Nov., and just jump right into Dec.
I will be using the only book I ever finished, Best FrAnimals Forever *gags*
(Beautiful People/Books/Authors was created by bloggers Cait and Sky.)

On a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) how well do you think this book turned out?
Ugh, 2-3.

Have you ever rewritten or edited one of your books before? If so, what do you do to prepare yourself? If not, what’s your plan?
Yeah, sorta... I tried to rewrite it last year, but I just couldn't. All I did was reread it, shiver and think “this is terrible, I'm redoing it.”

What’s your final word count? Do you plan to lengthen or trim your book?
Yikes, not much… It was mid-20,000s. I'd planned to lengthen it, but oh well.

What are you most proud of? Plot, characters, or pacing?
Ugh… None of those were good… I started the book when I was 10 and finished at 11, and it was my second “book” I'd started on, so all of those need serious work.

What’s your favorite bit of prose or line from this novel?
The villain, a demon named Freeman, was very poetic and wrote poems to the girls a lot. They were pretty decent.

What aspect of your book needs the most work?
*gestures to entire novel*

What aspect of your book is your favourite?
Um… Maybe the friendship feel?

How are your characters? Well-rounded, or do they still need to be fleshed out?
They all need to be fleshed out.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change about the whole process?
Everything, honestly.

Did anything happen in the book that completely surprised you? Have any scenes or characters turned out differently to what you planned? Good or bad?
Well, not really. When I was feeling writers block, I asked my friend Karis for help, and she wrote two chapters… Those surprised me in a posotive manner.

What was the theme and message? Do you think they came across? If not, is there anything you could do to bring them out more?
It didn't really have a message or theme, besides maybe “friendship is important”.

Do you like writing with a deadline (like NaNoWriMo) or do you prefer to write-as-it-comes?
Deadlines stress me out but I generally work better in them. Nonetheless, I'm generally a write-as-it-comes.

Comparative title time! What published books, movies, or TV shows are like your book? (Ex: Inkheart meets X-Men.)
It's a lot like Toyko Mewmew, that manga/TV show, and MLP;FiM.

How do you celebrate a finished novel?!
At the time of when I was still proud of it, I sent it to everyone I knew and bragged to my book club for a month. I haven't finished a full length book since then, so idk how more mature, humble me would rejoice.

When people are done reading your book, what feeling do you want them to come away with?
“That was terrible but hey she was only 11 let's cut her some slack.”

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm