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Beautiful People--August 2017 Edition

Guten Tag!

For the sake of my greeting, I shall delightfully assume it's day wherever you delightful folks are.

Here I am, back for yet another Beautiful People post. I'm working on two book reviews at the moment, so don't worry, you wont be too swamped with these ;) Here's a quote from Paper Fury's Cait, one of the creators, explaining it, "Beautiful People is a writing blog meme which I co-host with the marvelous Sky @ Further Up and Further. We post questions at the beginning of each month (generally around the 5th) that you can answer on your own blogs! It’s designed (A) to help you get to know your characters better, and (B) share with us about your writing projects!"

For the characters of this month, I'll be using Hope and Ladrao, two characters from my story “All Our Darkness”. I did a post using Hope’s parents, which you can view here. Anyway, Hope and Ladrao are Fates, beings who control and oversee destinies and watch over duties with their po…

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