My Thoughts on Harry Potter

I need to make a test blog-post, so I shall briefly proclaim my thoughts on the wonderful book series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling; WARNING, slight spoilers ahead.

I love Harry Potter so much! I'm a Potterhead to the core. I say "always", I've read the entire series 3 times (and I've only known about it for 6 months), I've seen all the movies, I make Harry Potter puns, I enjoy Harry Potter books, and October 31st is more than just Reformation Day (I don't celebrate Halloween); it's the death-day of James and Lily Potter.

While all the books are great, my favorite one in the series is probably Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (Harry Potter book #3). I admire Lupin and his loyalty to Dumbledore, not to mention his ability to be a friendly werewolf. I also love Sirius--it was very saddening to me when he died in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Harry Potter book #5)--and his amazing story. 

My favorite couples are Harry & Ginny (love how they got together), Lupin & Tonks (this couple stayed together and was able to face the hardships of Lupin being a werewolf), Ron & Hermione (I knew they'd end up together), and Neville & Luna (their personalities were made for each other). 

I love the humor in the series, and I never get tired of Fred and George. I love their crazy antics and marvelous pranks. Their best one yet was in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Harry Potter book #5), when they make a a giant swamp in the school and then greyhound it out of there, leaving hilarious orders to Peeves which he actually follows. And, my fantasy is that when Fred died in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows (Harry Potter book #7), he was either painted a few times so that he can visit his family and friends, or that he became a ghost and haunted Hogwarts.

Well, there you go. I shall be making reviews of each separate book later on (as well as my thoughts on the Percy Jackson series), but this is just a test blog-post, so that is all I shall say.

               Thanks for reading!

~Bekah The Bookworm


  1. Love it!!!!!! Haven't read the books yet but hope 2 soon!!!!!

    -Hannah G

    1. I'm glad that you like it! The books are wonderful!

  2. I've read the serious 8 or something times and I still love them!! :) Have you read Beedle the Bard? Also, Luna and Neville aren't together, according to JK Rowling in later interviews, but when I thought they were, I thought it was perfect. Sigh. Oh, well.

  3. Yep, I've read Beedle The Bard as well as Dangerous Creatures And Where To Find Them.
    I did not know that. Oh, well... Who cares? She said she regretted Ron+Hermione being a thing, but they still are. Besides, ships don't have to be real :D


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