My Thoughts on Reading

WARNING; you are about to read a bookworm's ramble about reading.

Reading is one of the best things EVER.

When you sit down and read a book, the gears of imagination begin turning.

One moment you're opening the covers of your favorite book, and then BAM! You're riding a broom high above a Quidditch field. BAM! You're swiping your claws as a rival Clan cat. BAM! You're alongside a famous detective solving a perilous case. BAM! You're living in the 1800's, sitting in a farm, writing in your diary. BAM! You're battling titans along with other demi-gods. The possibilities are endless!

There are so many genres, it's hard to chose just one to like! There are so many authors, it's hard to pick your favorite! There are so many books, it's hard to pick up just 6 at the library! I speak from experience; after a normal trip to the library, I leave with 12-17 books.

Learning to read might be hard, put it pays off; not only is reading fun, but reading is also educational. We read instructions in school, we read school books, we read music sheets, we read our answers. Although, I will admit, that kind of reading--reading for school--is occasionally boring.

But, still, can you imagine a world without reading? There would be havoc. Chaos. Discord would reign (I shall let you decide if i'm talking about the thing discord, or if I'm talking about the "reformed" MLP:FiM villain Discord)! 

For instance; can you close your eyes for a moment and think of your favorite book, books, or book series? Thanks! Now, imagine that the said series doesn't, never had, and never will exist (I don't know about you, but for me, that would be TERRIBLE).

Some even find reading soothing. What do I mean? Well, take me for an example; when it's in the middle of the night and I wake up from a nightmare, what do I do? I pray for safety, then turn on the lamp, grab a book, and spend the rest of the night reading (that may explain why on occasion I come to the school table with bags under my eyes, like I did this morning). The most important book in the world--the Bible--is extremely soothing (I find it soothing, anyway, because even though it talks about some scary things, I am a Christian so I know that no matter what trials I may face, it shall be nothing compared to the eternity I will spend in Heaven with my Savior).

My conclusion; reading is an amazing imagination starter, time passer, soother, and it's flat out necessary (even if occasionally boring).

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~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. Nnnoooo not Discord! FYI for people who don't know he is one of the big EVIL villians from My Little Pony and if u want to know how I know this don't question me! I simply watched every season and episode even the movie so just DON'T question me, unless you would like to learn more about MLP.

    1. He's reformed(ish). PLUS HE'S MEGA COOL.

      FLUTTERCORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Bekah. Books are awesome! (Especially the Bible). Books are my life. A life without books would end in tragedy, with the tragedy being me going insane.


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