Top 5 Saddest Deaths in Warriors

I read a series by Erin Hunter--ok, i read all of the series' by Erin Hunter--called Warriors. I love all the action and the way they (Erin Hunter is a pen name for 5 people) write, it just sucks me in; plus, i have a great love for cats. 

But, there is one down side to Warriors; there are so many DEATHS. They kill the good characters, they kill the bad characters, they kill kits, they kill Elders; they kill practically everyone*!
(*Slight exaggeration from a girl who just reread Warriors; Omen Of The Stars; The Last Hope)

So, i present to you my Top 5 Saddest Deaths in Warriors. WARNING; slight spoilers ahead.

  1. Silverstream---I love Silverstream with an abounding love; she was the perfect mate for Graystripe, and i bet she would have been a great mother to her kits if she hadn't died in birth. It was really sad... Especially because Cinderpaw blamed herself and Graystripe was there at the time of the death, begging for Silverstream to stay with him. In the Manga's she visits him and tells him everything will be ok, and i find that heart warming. I hope that Graystripe choses Silverstream over Millie when he goes to StarClan.
  2. Firestar---After all he went through, after all we saw of him, after all of his getting-out-of-tight-spots, you know what killed him? A TREE. Or a lightning bolt... Erin doesn't make it too clear. Anyhow, Firestar was with us from day #1 as a kittypet named Rusty. Then, he became Firepaw. Then Fireheart. Then Firestar. Then he stays Firestar for a LONG time, then after he kills Tigerstar again a tree falls over and squishes him and then a lightning bolt strikes the tree/his corpse. I love Brambleclaw/star, i do; but he won't be able to replace this guy, not at all.
  3. Feathertail---Her death was extremely sad, but at least she died a hero. While trying to stop a mountain-lion from destroying The Tribe Of Rushing Water, Feathertail--who, by the way, is the daughter of Graystripe and Silverstream--plunges of a cliff and somehow manages to pull a giant rock down that crushes and kills the mountain lion. No, she wasn't crushed as well; the fall killed her. But, there was just enough time before she died to talk to her brother and would-have-been mate, Crowpaw/feather. While i still ship LeafpoolxCrowfeather, Feathertail will always hold a place in my heart.
  4. Mousefur---She was grumpy, rude, mean, and old as can be; admit it, we all loved her. I always enjoyed her, even though she could get annoying. What really touched me is the way Mousefur felt when Longtail died. She blamed herself--technically it was her fault, but i won't go into that--and grew less mean and rude. She died in the Great Battle in The Last Hope, and she rejoined no-longer-blind Longtail. It was great to see them back together, but i'll miss Mousefur a lot.
  5. Spottedleaf--This poor lady went through 2 deaths. The first was in a battle with ShadowClan--they should pay, she was a flippin' medicine cat--and then she died AGAIN in The Last Hope. That makes 3 cats on this list that have died in The Last Hope. I loved Spottedleaf and how she helped Firestar, but willingly let Sandstorm have him as a mate. It was extremely sad for me, especially since she died to protect Sandstorm; and there was the scene between her and Firestar before she died. "You said you'd walk with me in StarClan..." "I'm sorry, my love, but that will never happen." So, yeah. I don't know exactly how it works after an already dead-cat dies. Maybe it's like Indian's belief so now there's another thing after StarClan? Yeah, she might be dead-dead, but i'm gonna stick to hoping she isn't gone-gone.

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~Bekah The Bookworm


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