Rainbow Loom

Two days ago, one of my Mom's friends gave me a Rainbow Loom. 

I'd heard of it, "everyone" loved it, and it seemed as though all of my friends had it; I was left constantly wondering what was so great about Rainbow Looms. They just made bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings--if you have as much practice as my friend Sage--, and other things. 

But, recently I developed a wish to have one for myself. It wasn't exactly my deepest desire--my deepest desire (at the moment) is either to go to Hogwarts or to buy my very own iPad Air--, but I still wanted one.

So, I was very excited when she gave it to me. It was practically new! She had started making a blue bracelet, but stopped halfway; all the parts, including the how-to pamphlet and extra bands, were still intact.

So, I immediately started reading the pamphlet. I read it once, then got down to business. When it comes to sorta-basic bracelets, necklaces, and rings, I'm a natural! I prefer the mini-Rainbow Loom, but the actual Rainbow Loom is also enjoyable.

I recommend it for any arts-and-craft lovers that might be reading this.

My goal by year's end is to be able to make two Luna Lovegood dolls for my friends Hannah and Sage, and a ThunderClan symbol for my friends Gracie and Kerrisan.

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~Bekah The Bookworm


  1. What does a Rainbow Loom look like?

    1. Hm... It's hard to explain. The mini-Rainbow Loom is just a little hollow stick with hook things on the ends, and the actual Rainbow Loom is this plastic rectangle with hollow plastic "spikes".

      I'll add a picture soon.

  2. Sweet!!!! Personally, I'm not a HUGE fan of making things on the rainbow loom but I do love the things it makes!!!!!

    1. Have you ever made anything on a Rainbow Loom? If not, I have to say it is more fun than it looks.

    2. I guess I kinda tried once or twice... In all seriousness I think the real problem is I can't get myself to sit still long enough to finish a project lol...

    3. LOL, yeah that might be the issue ;)

  3. Aaawww, thanks Bekah!
    (FYI I'm Kerrisan)


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