Which Sonic Girl are You?

Written By; Bekah the Bookworm

1)      Which Sonic boy do you like the most? (a) Sonic, (b) Silver, (c) Shadow, or (d) Scourge?

2)      Which would you rather do? (a) Rule a nation justly, (b) anything but your royal duties, (c) fight villains, or (d) rob something?

3)      How do you live your life? (a) As a queen/crime fighter, (b) as a princess, (c) as a vigilante, or (d) as a criminal?

4)      Which animal do you prefer? (a) Chipmunk, (b) cat, (c) hedgehog, or (d) fox?

5)      What’s your fashion sense? (a) “Fashion? Who cares about fashion?” (b) “I wear what I’m supposed to; I don’t have a choice.” (c) “Pink, lots and lots of anything pink.” (d) “Jumpsuits. Preferably black, because that makes it harder for you to see me at night.”

6)      Which would you find yourself thinking in the day:  (a) “How can i better the lives of my citizens?” (b) “I wish i never had this burden!” (c) “Why won’t someone do something bad so that i can do something?” (d) “What should i rob today? Hm…?”

7)      How do you like boys? (a) Nice, fast, and strong. (b) Funny and understanding. (c) I like the strong and silent type! (d) Find me a bad-boy, medium rare.

8)      Which book would you prefer to read? (a) Swordsmanship For Women, (b) How To Control Fire, (c) How To Get A Boy To Notice You, or (d) Masters Of Escape?

9)      Which color do you like best? (a) Blue, (b) purple, (c) pink, or (d) black and red.

10)  Which reward would you like to earn? (a) Kindest Queen EVER, (b) The Nobel You-Don’t-Have-To-Be-A-Princess-Any-More Prize, (c) Most Butt Kicked In A Day, or (d) Best Thief EVER. 

11)   You’re at the beach and an elderly woman is drowning. You save her and, in gratitude, she offers you $10.00. What is your response? (a) “No, no; i don’t need money.” (b) “Thank you, but no thanks. It was my royal duty.” (c) “It isn’t necessary, but, if you insist…” (d) “Just $10.00? Seriously?”

12)   A bank is robbed. What do you do? (a) Find the criminal and but him/her behind bars. (b) Use it as a reason to get out of the castle and do some actual good by bringing the criminal to justice. (c) Pursue the fiend and bash them over the head with a hammer. (d) Get out of there; I’d most likely be the one robbing.

13)   What do you do when no one is looking? (a) “Yoga.” (b) “Slouch and eat junk food.” (c) “Sing into my hairbrush in the bathroom.” (d) “I find reading relaxing…”

14)  Your thoughts on nicknames? (a) “I’m open to nicknames.” (b) “I’ve never thought of that. I guess I’d be fine with it.” (c) “Awesome-Sauce Incarnate is my nickname.” (d) “Eh, my name’s fine.”

15)  Which of the following is your dream date? (a) “A quiet dinner would be nice.” (b) “Hm…Don’t know.” (c) “Something with a lot of action. Maybe a walk in a park that just happens to be crime-infested?” (d) “Anything, so long as i get buried with presents.”

16)   Your thoughts on settling down? (a) “I’d love to!” (b) “It would be nice.” (c) “If it’s the right guy, sure.” (d) “While I’m still in my prime? Meh.”

17)  Which would you rather live in? (a) Your very own castle, (b) a nice house, (c) a fancy mansion, or (d) something big and flashy; a penthouse, perhaps.

18)   Would your rather have an (a) full-day spa, (b) manicure, (c), pedicure, or (d) massage?

19)   (a) Espresso, (b) milk, (c) soda, or (d) anything with caffeine

20)  Your hope for future kids? (a) “Twins! I always wanted twins!” (b) “4 kids; boy, girl, boy, girl.” (c) “I want to adopt tons of kids.” (d) “Haven’t thought about it.”

If you have almost all A’s: You’re Queen Sally Acorn! Kind and loving, Sally is a queen, and the fiancé of Sonic the Hedgehog.

If you have almost all B’s: You’re Princess Blaze the Cat! Blaze doesn’t want to be a princess, and she’s relieved when she finds Silver, a kind Hedgehog who understands what she’s going through.

If you have almost all C’s: You’re Amy Rose, the hammer-wielding-heroine! Kind, but a little full of herself, Amy is a vigilante who fell for Shadow the Hedgehog; she always knew he was good inside.

If you have almost all D’s: You’re Fiona Fox! Fiona is a criminal mastermind who, along with her boyfriend Scourge, plunder jewels and anything valuable they can find.
Here are my personal answers;
1. C
2. C 
3. C
4. B
5. A 
6. A 
7. A/B 
8. A/D 
9. A 
10. C 
11. B 
12. B 
13. D 
14. A 
15. A 
16. A
17. B
18. C 
19. C
20. B

I’m a mixture of Sally Acorn and Amy Rose.
Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


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