ANOTHER Update Of Randomness

Hey there, readers!
I'm back! And, no, not back from the dead. I've been really busy lately with my C.A.T Testing (California Achievement Testing Tests). 
So, I have some news! 
  1. It's official; I took a vote with y'all, and i'm now officially writing a weekly "My Thoughts On ____" blog series (starting next week)!
  2. My friend, Karis, has a blog! Could y'all check her out at She blogs about how women's fashion changed so abruptly from the late 1800's-1900's, including pictures and fun facts.
  3. During summer break I'll be blogging more often (this is a promise, people; feel free to hold me to it).
  4. I'm probably going to be adding pictures--drawn by yours truly--to my book reviews.
  5. I'm thinking about making a "My Thoughts on Attending Church" blog post in the future.
  6. Making these list things are hard when you don't have an outline.
  7. The Phantom of the Opera is cool
  8. I am currently rambling.
Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. I look forward to reading your blog series about your thoughts on various subjects!

  2. Will your "My Thoughts on __" posts always be on books? I'm thinking of maybe writing more book reviews myself. :)

    1. Not always on books, no; but, most of "My Thoughts on ___"--or, at least, a large amount of them--will be about books.

    2. Cool! I can't wait to read them!! Did you get the email I sent you a few weeks ago about the short story I wrote that you'd asked for?

    3. Thank you :)
      Hm. No, I didn't. I'll look in my Spam box; some normal emails go there, for some reason.

  3. I LOVE your blogs!!!


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