Pie Point

Have you ever thrown a pie into someone's face? If not, I recommend it.

At my Youth Group, we have this fun little thing called C'Lotto. It's pretty simply; first-timers write their name on a plastic pingpong ball and put it into this old water canister (one of those big plastic things that holds water on the machines you find in offices). Regular-attendees get to write their name on another ball, should they bring someone new. Anyway, at the end of Club one of the leaders shakes up the canister and pulls out two balls. If your name gets drawn, you get a prize.

So, one of our leaders decided to make this thing called Pie Point. "Pie Point", meaning that if the empty water canister became filled to a certain point, a leader would get pied in the face.

So, last Wednesday--the 13th of May, 2015--we pied not one, but TWO leaders in the face. 


Momo opened her eyes, so she gasped and cringed, causing the to Pie hit her shoulder... Then, the Pie Bearer (some girl I don't quite know) hit her again in the side of the face. It was hilarious! 

Jose kept his eyes closed, so the girl with his Pie got him square in the face. Then, his eyes shot open and he was all, "Oh! Oh!"

And then he started flicking all the cream at us, and Momo joined in.

It was so fun! 

Thanks for Reading, 

Bekah the Bookworm


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