Hey there, Readers! Bekah the Bookworm here! 

My friends Olivia and Jadyn are both super cool, super sweet girls, with a...drumroll, please!...YouTube channel!

It's called Kupcakez2

I'd be ever so grateful if y'all could just drop by and give a look, maybe like a few videos, and, hey; a subscribe or two would also be nice!

(This picture was drawn by me, by the way!)

Thanks for reading!

~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. Lol I just met them in person a couple days ago!!!!! Love their youtube channel!!!!! They're awesome friends and your drawing is great!!!!!

    Love ya sister!!!!!

    1. They're awesome, aren't they?
      Thanks! It's great to get praise for my art, it helps me have reasons to keep drawing ^u^

      Love 'y, sis-tah!


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