Digital Art

Hey, readers!

Last night I stayed up rather late drawing on the laptop. So, I figured I'd show you my "masterpieces".

Just a warning, I was really tired when I drew these, and I had to draw them with a computer-mouse, so they aren't the kind of art I can draw with my hands, a nice pencil, and some white paper. But, they're still decent.

This is a random BloodClan OC I made up on the spot. Still thinking of a name for him...
This is a stick-figure self-portrait of me, by me. One I drew with my left hand, the other I drew with my right hand.

Here's another self-portrait, but this one is drawn in the older art-style of a YouTuber named sWooZie.
So, there you have it! Hope you like my art :)
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~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. Those are pretty pictures.

    1. Thank you, Mr./Madam Anonymous!

      ~Bekah the Bookworm

  2. Cool! By the way, I've created a Blogspot blog in addition to the Wordpress blog I already had; it's under my profile. :)


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