Infinity Dreams Award

My friend Meredith sorta nominated me to do this, so, yeah (she said "I'm nominating anyone who wants to do it"); thank you, Meredith!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and add a link to their blog.
  2. Post the picture seen above on your blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions.
  4. Nominate at least 3 bloggers.
  5. Have fun!
Ok, here are the 11 questions and their answers;

1. Which was one of the first chapter books you remember reading?
Um... I think it was a Mandie book...
2. Is there a book you've read which everybody else seemed to like but you didn't?
No, I don't think so.
3. Which is the longest book you've read?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4. Do you have a favorite quote from a book?
I have tons of quotes from books that I love, but I don't think I have a favorite.
5. Would you rather read a book or write a blog post?
I'd rather read a book, then write a blog post about said book.
6. How many books (if any) have you read that are worse than the movie?
Well, the book wasn't worse than the movie, but I preferred the movie version of The Voyage on the Dawn Treader to the book itself. 
7. Which book character do you relate to the best?
Um, I don't know... dang, Meredith, you're asking some tough questions!
8. Do you watch movies based on books you haven't read yet or do you not really care?
Well, most of the time I try to read the book first, but some times I make exceptions (example; in January--of this year, 2015--I watched the movie The Maze Runner with my older brother, without reading the book (and, I still have yet to read the book)).
9. Which is the most boring book you've ever read (not including textbooks)?
I don't think I can say I've ever read a book I found boring. There's been a few books that can get uninteresting here and there, but all the books I read are over all interesting.
10. Can you read and eat at the same time?
Heck yeah! It gets my mom mad, sometimes...
11. Which is your favorite place to read?
I like laying on my bed in random poses (it's just so hard to get comfortable sometimes), but I'm also fine with sitting on a couch at the library or chilling outside on a lawn chair (basically, anywhere that's warm).
Here are my questions;
  1. Are there any fandoms you've been in for at least 5 years?
  2. Have you ever read a book that you thought you'd hate, but turned out to be an awesome book?
  3. Your thoughts on books being turn into movies?
  4. Who's your favorite Marvel superhero?
  5. Do you prefer action novels, or comedy novels?
  6. When it comes to movies, do you prefer animated or live-action?
  7. What sparked your interest in blogging?
  8. What's your favorite musical based off of a book?
  9. Are you sad that Disney ended the TV show Phineas and Ferb(I sure am)?
  10. Are you as confused as I am on why this list started skipping lines?
  11. What's your favorite place to read?
That had a lot of movie related questions. Oh, well **shrug**.
I nominate the following (by the way, don't feel like you have to do this if I nominate you);
Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm
(P.S.--My blog/laptop is acting's skipping lines big-time, and it keeps making the letters be colored gray instead of black. So, sorry if this isn't the prettiest looking post ever.)


  1. Cool! I didn't think anyone would do it unless I nominated them, but I'm glad you did. :) Haha, yeah, I like to go for the tough ones. :D

  2. Well, I needed inspiration for a blog-post, then, BAM!!! I get the update email from your blog and it shows this. So, I pounced.
    Oh, by the way, have you written your fairytale-mash-up yet?

    1. Yeah, would you like to read it? Sorry, it took me forever to email it to you. . . .


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