My Thoughts on Terrible Things

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Since I haven't been blogging much, I'm doing another My Thoughts post to make up for the ones I missed. It is going to be a rather long post.
Ok, so first we're going to address the song itself.
"Song? I thought you were going to express your thoughts on terrible things, such as the current state of Christianity in America."
Well, sorry to disappoint. This post is about my thoughts on the song Terrible Things by the band Mayday Parade.
(WARNING; very sad song+heartbreaking videos= TEARJERKER! Oh, and, there are SPOILERS for the book series Warriors written by Erin Hunter.)
When I saw Janna Oppus's lyric video, I wanted to go find a hole and die. And, no, not because it was terrible; it was amazing, and wonderfully drawn/written. But, the song and the pictures mixed together just made me cry my eyes out (i'm a girl; "simple" things make me cry).
The singer makes it seem so real, and the song itself is just heartbreaking... it's a wonderful song, but it's extremely sad... heartbreakingly sad...
It has a reference to getting drunk--"Most of the time we'd have too much to drink."--, but, besides that--and the fact that it is very SAD--it is totally kid-friendly. No swearing, nothing sexual, just really sad.
I started with the lyric video so that you guys could hear the song itself before seeing videos and focusing on the story more than the song. But, I actually watched the magnificently drawn/animated Crookedstar AMV before the lyric video.
I watched this and just cried. I cried and cried. And, I may have mentally cursed at Mapleshade... but, that's another topic for another day (that won't be anytime soon).
It's double the sadness for this one, because it seems to sort of be in the bloodline for the song's situation to happen to Crookedstar's family.
In the song, the "son" is Crookedstar's daughter, Silverstream (technically she's Silverkit/Silverpaw up until the last few seconds, but, y' know). And, guess what happens? She falls in love and ends up dying in child birth.
Speaking of that, up next is Graystripe's sad tale.
You see, Graystripe fell in love with Silverstream. They were from different Clans, but that didn't stop them from falling in love with each other.
But, guess what? Silverstream dies while giving birth to their kits (technically, she died a few minutes after bearing the kits, due to blood loss). And, guess what else!? In the video, Graystripe is talking to his son, Stormfur (Stormkit/Stormpaw in the vid). So, technically he isn't talking to Feathertail. But, she goes off on a mission/journey/THING with a few cats from other Clans--including her brother, Stormfur--and she falls in love with Crowpaw/Crowfeather, but she DIES. Sure, she did it to save the Tribe of Rushing Water, and sure, she got to live a few minutes longer to say good-bye to her lover, brother, and friends. But, still.
Hmm. That turned out to be a rant. Anyway, very sad, but lovely art and believable situation.
And, last but not least, we have Thistleclaw talking about Snowfur to Whitekit/Whitepaw.
So sad. Very sad. This is going to turn into another rant if I don't control myself. But, I shall control myself.

It is drawn in a cute, chibi sort of way, but it's still amazing in a sad way.
Just go watch the vid... I if I say too much I'll go into a mega-rant that I'm trying to save for an actual post...
Summary; great videos, sad song; I love it and hate it. The song and I have a bittersweet relationship, one could say.
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