About The Comics...

Hey, readers!
I've officially finished each and every comic (the short one, the blog-post one, and the random one)!
After reading that, you might be wondering, "Then, why didn't you post them?"
Well, I'm having what's called "technical difficulties". Whenever I take pictures of the comics with my iPad, the pictures come out clear with bold lines, and it's very easy to read. But, when I go to save them on this laptop so that I can post them on my blog, they suddenly get all blurry, and the lines are not as visible.
So, if I can't get the camera to work, I'm going to have to scan each of the 8 pages, then upload them on the Mac, and that is gonna take some time.
So, please have patience; I'm trying real hard to get the camera to work, and I can tell you right now that (in my perspective) the comics are worth the wait :)
Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


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