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Hey, readers!
(I'm trying out a new font today)
Earlier today I was drawing some pictures digitally, and that made me decide to go through and look at all the pictures I have on my laptop. While doing this, I came across tons of pictures I drew of characters/OCs from the fandoms I'm in.
So, I decided to post them on here.
Now, please keep in mind while looking at these that I drew them on an older model laptop with a computer mouse, since I don't have enough money for a drawing tablet yet; so, I am aware that they won't be as great as some people's art.
This is a random picture of Firestar (Fireheart in this) and Bluestar.
This is one of my BloodClan OCs, Pine (I have tons of BloodClan OCs, though I've only drawn 2 digitally).
This is Lionblaze after an overexposure to catnip.
This is Luna, my only OC that is a Rouge-turned-Clan cat.
This is Slash, my first ever BloodClan OC!
This is Slash when someone stole his cookies... As you can see, he does not enjoy it when his cookies are stolen.
One of my friends said I should ship (couple up) Slash and Luna, so I made this...
This is Sonic the Hedgehog.
This is my Sonic OC.
This is a really crappy drawing of Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's. My FNAF art has gotten so much better, it isn't even funny...
And this, my friends, is a terrible drawing of Rainbow Dash smirking. I decided to draw a scar over her right eye (it looks like it's on her left eye, but it's on her right) because she seems like the kinda pony who'd have a scar.
There you have it! My (digital) fandom artwork!
Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm 


  1. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Wish I could do stuff like that...

    1. Thank you very much :D!!
      And, come on; your masterpiece of masterpieces is way better than any of these!

    2. You're welcome!!!! R u kidding!? This is way better then ANYTHING I've ever drawn!!!!!

    3. Agree to disagree (I think your art is better than some of these, you don't)? **offers you my hand**

  2. These are amazing! Specifically Sonic and Rainbow Dash look professional!!

    1. Thanks!
      ...Really? I thought Rainbow Dash was poorly drawn.


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