My Thoughts on 25 Things Only Writers Will Understand

Hey, readers!

For this week's My Thoughts On, I'm gonna try something a tad bit different... I'm going to review a blog post.

No, no, not my own blog post! Today I'll be reviewing "25 Things Only Writers Will Understand", a blog post by Rachel, the owner of What She Wrote. You might wanna go read that first, because you'll be totally lost otherwise.
(And, while we're on the subject of other Blogs, has anyone notice the Team Killian pic on the side of my blog? As you would know if you clicked said pic, that was made by Abigail.)

So, yes; let's begin!

  1. It mocks me. It does.
  2. Amen!
  4. Guilty as charged... ;)
  5. OOH THAT GIF'S FROM PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3!! And, yes, it's also true.
  6. My soul has been spoken to. Ah, Mr. Plumber, I know thy pain...
  7. **face-palm** Don't compare me to senpai J.K. Rowling, please...
  8. Riiiiiiiight... I'm gonna be a millionaire...  **face-palm**
  9. **face-palm, face-palm, face-palm**
  10. X"D True, true... (I'm only saying X"D because I love that scene from Tangled)
  11. It helps my brain think of ideas... on how to make my characters watch TV...
  12. I don't have Twitter, but that's my reaction whenever an adult reads my story and likes it.
  13. That's my reaction when I get a bad review (not critique, a bad review (such as "That sucked."))
  14. BURN, BABY, BURN!!
  15. X"D Haha! Also true!
  17. Ugh, terrible sensation...
  18. Well, your face isn't a real face. So, HA. #SuckyComeBack
  19. YAY!
  20. AW!
  21. It's my passion, that's why <3
  23. I was doing that at lunch today X"D
  24. I also did THAT at lunch today X"D
  25. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE--I mean, er.... he'll be missed.
  26. ALLONS-Y!!!
To sum it up; I LOVED THAT POST!!! I could relate to everything! It was awesome X3

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


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