My Thoughts on the Let it Go (Male Version) Animation

Hey, readers!

For those of you who do not know, I have Frozen Fever. If you don't know what Frozen Fever is, it can either be a 5 minute long short, or a term for a person's obsession with the popular Disney movie Frozen. In this case, it refers to the latter. 

So, I was surfing YouTube for some down time after doing my chores today, and I came across an animation of a male cover of Let It Go in my "watch again" box.

I was pretty surprised to see it there, because I hadn't watched that since early August of 2014.

But, since I forgot the majority of it, I decided to watch it.

20 minutes later, I'm re-watching it in an extra tab as I write this post.

But, before I begin the actual review, please go watch the animation here.

Ok, now, on to the review!!!!!!!!!!! 

That animation is freaking AMAZING. I mean, look at the detail! Can you imagine how long that would take to animate!? I mean, WOW!! 

And, come on guys, the voice of that guy! SO FABULOUS!!!!

Not to mention the ice castle! I'm still dumfounded that this person (I'm not sure if the creator is a guy or girl) was able to do that!

Oh, oh, and when he transforms into the ice outfit! EEEEEEEEEK!!!!! So cute X3!!!

But, also, the BEAT! It's so rock-'n'-roll!!!!!

To sum it up; THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Oh, and, you just witnesses a small amount of fangirling)

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. Yes, it is well done! Gma

    1. I know, right?!
      And, thanks for reading my post :D!


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