A "Poem" and a Short Story

Hey, readers!

So, last night I couldn't get to sleep, so I went through my Writer's Club binder and re-read everything.

While doing this, I found a "poem" and a short story I wrote while there (at Writer's Club).

Warning; the poem itself is kinda dark and morbid. But, don't worry, the short story is comical in it's own nonsensical way :D!

So, yeah! Here we go;

The Flower Girl

Written by Bekah the Bookworm

The little flower girl walked down the hall.
She didn't pay attention to the footsteps softly approaching.
No one heard the scream over the music and joy.
The red stain in the hall was blamed on punch,
And no one knows what made the trash reek.
But, everyone loved the red-velvet cake.
That Church had an eerie essence ever since.
"Come play with me!" A small voice begs.
"Don't eat the cake!" A young voice moans.
"Why, Mr. Baker?" Is often sobbed by an unseen girl.
Spines tingle and hearts break;
Poor little flower girl, never to wake.


Written by Bekah the Bookworm

There once was a couple that were on the roof of a building, looking up at the moon.
Suddenly, a shooting star fell from the sky and crushed their hands.
Then the same thing happened to a dude on a sky-scraper, and also to some chick with a sheep on a pyramid. 
Then a star hit a fish, just slightly avoiding a house.
Then the stars made an arrow in the sky.
Then Bob ate a monkey, Jane kissed a cactus, and Ruth died horribly. 

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


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