Warriors OCs (part 1)

Hey, readers!
I'm going on a trip, so I won't be blogging from tomorrow 'till Monday or Tuesday. So, to make amends for that, I figured I'd show you more art (traditional rather than digital, this time) and tell you  some of my Warrior OCs.

Now, I have tons of Warriors OCs, so this post won't contain all of them. I'll be continuing with the rest of my Warriors OCs after the trip.

Now, onto the OCs!!!

(Oh, by the way, interesting thing I learned; if, while reading my blog, you actually click on the pics, it SHOULD zoom in on them. They're still bad quality--gosh, I want a new printer--but I hope you guys will still like them.)

This is the first sketch thingy I did (the page on the right is just random doodles) with my OCs.
The smirking one on the ground is Pine (BloodClan), the irritated tabby is Skull (BloodClan), the small she-cat (who's actually a warrior, she's just small) is Specklepetal (RiverClan), the gray she-cat is Sailbreeze (WindClan), and the tom next to her is her mate, Crossflight (WindClan). The excited apprentice on top is Fernpaw (SkyClan).   
This is the final piece. I took out some OCs that were in the last one, and added in others.
The she-cat on her paws-and-knees is Sailbreeze (WindClan). Standing on her back is Pine (BloodClan), and Honeyleaf (ThunderClan). The cat hand-standing is Whiskers (Rouge). The other cat that Whiskers is using as support is Skull (BloodClan). The apprentice standing on Skull's head is, yet again, Fernpaw (SkyClan). The cat who's swatting at Pine is Spotfang (ThunderClan). The cat with scars holding Spotfang is Dappleclaw (ShadowClan). The cat with stars on her pelt is Glassear (StarClan).
(OH, and, you may or may not see it, but the chibi person gasping is me)
There you have it! I apologize once more for the bad quality.
Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm



  1. AWESOME!!!!!! AW!!!!!!! Fernpaw is so cute!!!!!!!

  2. Cool! Gasp-a BloodClan cat and a ThunderClan cat? Only nerds like us will realize the inherent breaking of the Warrior Code!!

    1. That's part of the reason why Spotfang is swatting at Pine (part of it).

  3. Which Warriors book should I read first?

    1. "Into The Wild (Warriors #1)" is the first book of the first volume of the series.


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