At Long Last....

Eris sits in a corner, curled into a protective ball. She mumbles and mutters, her eyes flickering dangerously. Red mists flow from her, her chaos growing so much as to drive her insane. Eris doesn't notice. She only feels her powers spreading.
But, she know it won't last. She can feel her end is near. She can feel it...

"Hopscotch..." She mutters. "Frog-legs... Queen of England..."
The red mist flows harder, sizzling off in multiple directions.
Eris lifts her head with a jolt. "Who's there?" She demands, her voice hoarse.
"You've put it off for too long, Eris." The voice said, its words echoing as if said more than once.
"Put it off...?" Eris narrows her eyes, though...if one were to look a bit closer...her body shook with fear. "No! I'm not leaving this world! I got my right to come here! I'll fight you to stay!"
"Oh, my dear... it's not me who you're up against."
"Oh, yeah?" Eris sneered. "Then, who am I up against?"
A blinding light fills the area, and Eris closes her eyes and screams.
After what seemed like an eternity, the light faded, and Eris opened her eyes.
In front of Eris stood the Jekyll to her Hyde; Bekah the Bookworm.
"You!" Bekah growled upon seeing her overthrower. 
"You! How did I get here!? What am I doing here?"
"You're taking my place." Bekah said gruffly, as the same light surrounded her. "And I'm returning to my home."
"No!" Eris shrieked, running towards Bekah. "You can't leave me here! I can't be forgotten!! I'll disappear into time!"
Bekah looks at her opposite. "That would be for the best, in my opinion." The light surrounded her, and her outline was hardly visible.
"No! Please!" Tears streamed out of Eris's eyes. "DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!"
"I don't know if anyone would take you if I brought you with me." Bekah's voice became distant. 
"Please!" Eris begged, trying to walk through the light, but being pushed back by an unseen force. 
"I'm sorry, Eris. You're staying here." Bekah's voice came from the light.
"...I won't. You have my word."
Eris sobbed, and choked out words that she had never said. Words that she detested, yet came from the bottom of her heart; "Thank you."
The light grew and spiked, then shrunk and disappeared with a small explosion.

Eris has gone, and Bekah has returned.


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