Random Pet Peeves

Hey, readers!

Time for a list of my random pet peeves!!!

  1. The sound of metal scraping across more metal
  2. People saying something over 10 when you said "on a scale of 1-to-10" (this one is especially weird, because I do this myself, but I get peeved when people do it towards me)
  3. YouTube commercials that are 30 seconds long and DON'T have a "skip" button
  4. People asking what I'm drawing as it--the piece of artwork--is still a work in progress (I have no clue why this peeves me out, but it does)
  5. Almost anything my youngest brother does (Hey, I'm a tween girl)
  6. Most things my younger brother does (See above^^^)
  7. How nosy my other younger brother is (What that^^ says)
  8. People not understanding what I'm saying when I email then random song lyrics
  9. People who get all lofty when I say that I ship ShadAmy, rather than SonAmy
  10. The fact that you readers shall never read this post again, though I'll be continually adding stuff to it
Anyone relate to these? 

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. I, as someone with the pet peeve of my brother putting tennis balls in his pocket to serve instead of leaving them on the rack on the side, totally understand.

  2. Ahaha, #2 is me(I don't do it, but it annoys me). :D

  3. I TOTALLY agree with ALL the younger brotger ones...

    1. I'm almost positive that anyone with younger brothers will :)


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