I got a haircut!

Hey, readers!!

Guess what?! Yesterday, my Grandma took my to a really expensive (and fancy) salon, and I got a hair cut!

The person who cut my hair was a lady name Liz. She's really talkative, really nice, and really great with hair.


I got a non-layered below-the-chin bob cut with a side-part. It sounds simple, huh?


Ok, so, first Liz washed my hair. She used hair-friendly shampoo and conditioner, as well as this liquid soap stuff that brings out natural shine. She applied two layers of the shine stuff.

Then, she took me to my chair and gave me a chocolate bar. Then she asked me what I wanted with my hair, and I told her "I'd like a layered bob cut to just below my neck, and could you trim my bangs a bit?"

She happily trimmed my bangs, then gave me a bob cut that wasn't layered. She dried my hair and brushed it.

Liz then said, "Ok, so, I did not layer this. Look in the mirror... ok, now shake your head. See that bounce? You won't really get that with layers. Plus, everyone nowadays has a layered bob. With a non-layered bob cut, it bounces easier, has more movement, and is actually unique. Plus, do you see how full your hair is? If you layered it, it would loose the fullness in some areas. But, it's your hair. Do you want me to layer it, or leave it as is?"

I looked at it for a bit, then said, "I'd like it to stay this way. Look at the bounce!" I then shook my head in the mirror and giggled like a 5year old on Christmas morning.

So, as she was finishing up the minor details, she did a side-part to work on a part of my hair. I liked the looks of me with a side-part, so I asked her to leave it like that. She happily did.

Then she did this technique that used to be calling "knotting" (now it's referred to as "back-combing"). It made my hair look even fuller, and it added an even large bounce. She gave me a special comb to do the technique at home.

Then she sprayed my hair with this good-smelling spray (she said it helps with taking away frizziness) and brushed it once last time. 

Then, with one last chocolate bar, I was done.

I don't know what she put in it, but my hair is SOOOO silky! Plus, it's easier to see my highlights now (I have natural highlights that were really hard to see before now).

Total time; 1hour 32minutes (we talked a lot)

Behold, my glorious hair cut (ignore the dorky smile, focus on the hair);

I'm going to try to take a video of it bouncing later, but no promises.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. Really great hairstylists/hair-cutters are great, aren't they? Once I woke up with major bed-head and my mom said, "Your hair is so cute!" Thing is, it was. Somehow. My hair works like that.
    Your hair IS very silky. (No italics for comments. I hate that.)

  2. Great haircut Bekah! I hope I can see a video of the bounce. :)


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