I'm Not Dead/Random Thing

Hey, readers!

I'm not dead. As a matter of fact, I'm alive and well. (Or, am I? ~~Boo~~)
Sorry that I haven't blogged in over a week. I've just been really busy. I'll try to get better, but I still won't be blogging much. Sorry about that.

Now, for the random thing... for those of you who are subscribed to either my newsletter or this blog itself, you'll know that in the update email there's a picture of me. I laughed when I saw that picture last week... Why, you ask? Because, even though it was taken in February of this year, I've changed so much--both mentally and physically--since it was taken. I now have glasses, I've grown about half a foot, I've gotten kinda skinner, my hair's longer (and darker), and I've developed a slight sense of "fashion" (AKA I actually spend a few second to look at my clothes before I throw them on). And, I no longer fit the shirt I was wearing in that picture.
It's too bad, really... I liked that shirt...

Oh, and, I won't be doing much Goodreads stuff, either. The website isn't allowed on the laptop I'm using... But, worry not, Olivia; I shall friend you the second I figure out how to get Goodreads to work on this thing.

And, now, to all my friends and Blogging Buddies; 

Thanks for reading! 
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. No problem! Though I'm glad you'll be around more!:D Heehee, looking forward to being friends on Goodreads.


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