My Older Brother Wrote a Post

Greetings, Bekah's blog followers... people... whatever. I am Daniel, King of Awesomeness! (I'm Bekah's older brother.) I have received the privilege of writing a post for this blog, I would like to thank my sister in advance for letting me do this, and to those of you who hate this... hate me, not Bekah. Okay? 

Great! Now down to business! As you may have noticed I have a sense of humor that is slightly greater than Bekah's. I promise that this post will be uber weird! Not uber weird just regular weird. 

I am almost exactly two years older than Bekah, and I have a huge bed room! It isn't that huge, but I think it is... It also has a connecting bathroom, so it is like a mini suite. I'm loving' it. (Yes, that sentence had a duel purpose๐Ÿ˜.) 

My favorite thing to do is play MineCraft... However when I can't do that, I enjoy watching My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic, and Bekah does too! Don't hate on us! Don't you do it!! Don't you do it!! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‘Sorry about that...๐Ÿ˜. Now back to what I was doing. What was I doing?? Oh yeah! I also enjoy digging holes in the yard, breaking wood, starting fires, basically everything a wilderness survivor would do... I forgot what I was thinking about... Sorry I am twice as weird a Bekah, I forget what I'm thinking about mid-thought. It is really frustrating. I also enjoy playing with Legos. I almost hate reading... I will read things like: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia series. I have read all the listed books before, I tried to read Harry Potter... But midway into the first book I lost interest. I write books, but i lose interest in those too and stop a few chapters into it. (Bekah does that, too, but she's finished two books, and is steadily working on 3 at the moment). It seams that the only things that I truly find amusing that don't fade is listening to music and playing video games. Or being a survivalist. I love that.
   Now I will get to the really weird part! I will talk about MineCraft. I hate mountains and trees! Any time I spawn in the world and there is a mountain or a forest you know I will tear it down! I prefer to build on flat ground... And nowhere else! Villagers! Or, 'Money Stealers' as I call them, are very rude NPCs they steal your hard earned money! They sit there in their colorful robes and do drugs (that is why they are always making those weird noises) until you come along, then they get up and give you a horrible deal! Like, "I'll give you a compass if you give me 15 emeralds." or, "I'll give you an iron pickaxe if you give me 10 emeralds."! I once found a villager who dared to say, "If you give me 11 emeralds I'll give you A BLOCK OF DIRT"!! I could have looked down and mined a block of dirt for free! Who programs these things??!! They also have really weird noses.......... When I find a village I like to raid it then burn it! Yes... I am cruel to Money Stealers. But they're flipping Money Stealers!! Who steal your money!! I am really weird.. Really weird... WEIRD... Sorry my mind wandered there.
Well that's all for now!! If you want me to do more posts... I will but that's completely up to you! Thanks again Bekah!! And thank you too for spending time to read my nonsense... Bye!๐Ÿ‘Š (brofist)


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