My Thoughts on The Whipping Boy

Hey, readers!

This is my review on Sid Fleischmann's The Whipping Boy. It's a fairly short book, with only 80-some pages. 
For something so short, it's very interesting.

The book is about a street-boy named Jemmy who gets taken to the castle to become the Whipping Boy for Prince Horace, more commonly known as "Prince Brat". 
Y' see, even though the bratty price deserves a good spanking (or two. Or three. Or 10,000), the Prince is not allowed to be spanked, whipped, or punished in any such manner. Thus, the whipping boy.
But, the plot develops when Prince Brat runs away and takes Jenny with him. They're kidnapped by two of the most fiendish criminals alive, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and his accomplice, Cutwater.

It was humorous & engaging, had a good ending, and the Brat Prince was beaten at one point.
So, yeah. Great story! I give it 4-and-a-half stars :)

(I'm too lazy to write a lengthy review. Sorry.)

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. I didn't find the story very *ahem* deep, but definitely enjoyable!


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