The HyVee Experience

Hey, readers!!!

Long time no blog. (Get it? "Long time no see", "long time no blog"?? No? Alright then... moving on....)

Today I'll be telling you about something that happened last Friday, which (at the time of me writing this post) was just a few days ago.

Now, on with the story!!

Alright, so, Mom and Dad decided that, before we went to our new home, we'd drive around the USA and visit family. Eventually, we ended up in Manhattan with my Grandpa and Meemaw (Grandma).

At lunchtime, we decided to go to a HyVee and get some food there. To our surprise, they had a sort of restaurant thingy there (it was just a seating section where they'd bring you your food).

So, anyway, we sat down and ordered our food. Mom and I decided to go to the Chinese place just outside the sitting area. We ordered our food, got it, then came back to the seating area. We prayed and began eating.

Then, AN HOUR LATER, three of my brother's food came. And, it was COLD. Well, their pizza was cold, and my other brother's Mac'n'Cheese was BLAZING HOT (he burnt himself slightly when he touched his plate). 

Dad called for the manager. Then, in a public area, he got mad at her (the manager). He wasn't even that loud; but, my Dad's quite-angry is scarier than his loud-angry... and, yes, people, pastors get angry and yell, too. They're normal human beings.

Anyway, the manager was really quiet and apologetic. She then made most of our food free, as a sort of "peace treaty". 

I felt really bad, though, because it turns out that the chef quit right after we made our order, and a new guy came in and he was really confused about the entire situation. Plus, our waitress--who disappeared about halfway through the hour wait--came out and was also extremely apologetic. They don't have a dishwasher, so she had to hand-wash the dishes.

And, that encounter left dad irritable for the rest of the day.

Oh, and, when I got my meal, the fortune cookie said, "The current year bring you much happiness."

So, I'm pretty sure that the HyVee experience was just the universe doing everything in it's power to make that fortune not come true.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. That sounds almost exactly like what happened to my mom and sister and I at Denny's! Apparently one of the staff walked out in the middle of her shift – we actually heard one of the waitresses yelling at her – and then they didn't have any meatballs. Kind of key to spaghetti and meatballs, don't you think?
    My mom described them as "As slow as a stampede of turtles through peanut-butter." Apt.

  2. Once at...I think it was an Apple Barn...we had a lot of my family at the restaurant, and it was PACKED. It literally took 3 HOURS to get food! (it was really good, though.)


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