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How many times in day-to-day life have you heard--or said--those words? Many, many times, I bet.

How do you deal with your boredom? 

Some people work, some people continue being bored, some people twiddle their thumbs... some people shoot the wall, causing John to say "hell" (as in the bad-word, not the place).

But, no matter what you do, boredom is still an issue.

So, what does one do to get arid of their boredom? Nothing. YOU CAN'T GET ARID OF BOREDOM.

Now, you might say, "Haha, stupid human, you are mistaken. There are plenty of things that can make us stop being bored." 

It may seem that way, but it's false. All you can do is bide time and wait until the boredom comes on strong again. 

Do you think I'm crazy? Well, you shouldn't. 

Just think hard. Imagine yourself in the situation I'm about to explain.

You're sitting on your bed... you're bored out of your mind. You do whatever you can, but you still feel a crushing wave of boredom. Then, your phone rings. You get up and walk over to the phone. You answer, and find that it's one of your closet friends who has a hilarious story to share. You momentarily forget about your boredom... but, it's still there. You just don't notice. After you get off the phone, you go back to sitting on your bed. You think about the story for a bit, and more things come to your mind... but, soon, the boredom finds its way back to your focus, and you find yourself bored.

So, yes. One never stops being bored, your boredom just dies down a bit, and your mind is too preoccupied to notice that it's still there.

Not even when one has fallen in love does one's boredom end. 

...I think. I don't really know for absolute certain, but I'm going to assume.

Thanks for the read :)
~Rebekah B. Starpaw


  1. Ooh! Who is Rebekah B. Starpaw? I am intrigued...
    ALSO: Well that was a depressing post.

    1. **Shrug** Someone my brain made up.

      Depression... I should write a post about that.
      Haha, good luck ;)


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