Favorite Lines from "Daughter of Discord"

Hey, readers!

Guess what came out today!?

That's write, Daughter of Discord episode 1!!

My apologies, but I'm much too lazy to write a review as of this moment.

But, worry not!

Today, I shall be sharing with you my favorite lines from DoD ep1!!!!!

"**frustrated growl** I can't believe it! Is this what my life has resorted to?! I used to be the invincible lord of chaos, yet I've just been outsmarted by a ten year old! ...No, a ten year old and her MOTHER! Her bossy, annoying, devious, underhanded, no-good--" **wedding ring shines and his voice softens** "--irresistible mother. Who I love ever so much... **happy sigh** So, totally worth it." (So cute!)
"Oh, oh, ooh! She's the little unicorn next to screwball!" "Derpy?! What are you doing out of your room!?" (LOL that pony needs to get back in bed! (she just had a baby))
"**yells over crying babies** It had to be triplets! One baby? Sure! Twins? Maybe. But three is just too much!" (I just died laughing at this part.)
"They think I'm a freak." "You don't know that. And, if they do, I suggest you go prove them wrong." (Aw, motherly love <3)
"Thanks, you guys! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have friends like you." "Just forget about today." "Yeah! I'm sure everypony's forgotten all about it by now." **door opens** "Hey, Aquafresh!" "Oh, hey Lightn--**gasp followed by scream** Get away from me!! **runs away** I don't wanna dieeeeee!" "...Was it something I said?" **Screwball groans** (I love how Lightning Dash is just so oblivious)
"Somebody, HELP! THE BABY'S COMING, THE BABY'S COMING!!!!" "What? But, it's only been 9 months." "Well, excuse me if it's impatient! It's my kid, after all!" (Discord, you need to  calm down.)
"Uh----hey, honey, look! Our baby can fly!" "Figures." (I love that way Fluttershy said "Figures"!) 
"Rrrgghhh! That's IT!! **a giant storm appears out of nowhere** You wanna play basketball? Fine, lets play some basketball. **evil giggle** Only, we'll change the rules a bit. This time, YOU'LL be the ball!" (Screwball and her BFF were getting bullied... so, she took matters into her own hooves)
"**evil laugh**" "SCREWBALL!" "Oh! Uh... Hi, Mrs. Cheerilee! How's it going? Did you like the flying orange I left you on your desk this morning? I mean, everypony leaves an apple, and I just thought that's so boring, so I thought, 'Hey! Why not try something different?' ...No? Would you have preferred a pineapple instead? I could easily to pineapple... just, not as fast as oranges. Oranges are my forte. Hehe... **stops** I'm in trouble, aren't I?" (Nice try, Screwball.)
"Oh, goody, story time! Ok, honey, tell daddy what did you do this time?" "I... I... I played basketball with Gold Digger and Silver Tray." "That's... nice?" "...They were the basketballs." "Pff... pff... **breaks out guffawing** You play basketball and they were the balls!? **laughs some more** Oh, if I'd been there to see that! **enlightened gasp** Oh, wait, I can! Excuse me while I hop back in time for a little bit. **disappears than reappears a few second later, guffawing louder than ever** Oh, that was priceless! Did you know you have your mother's evil laugh?" (Fatherly support!)

Those are my top 10 fav lines :D

Please go watch it, if you have the time!

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. That's interesting! I haven't seen any, of course, but the lines...I'm guessing Fluttershy gets some attitude?`


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