Hey, readers!

Today, I'll be rambling about a shipping I decided to ship, due to this episode of MLP;FiM.

The ship is called "MarbleMac", due to it consisting of Big Mac (Apple Jack's brother) and Marble Pie (Pinkie Pie's sister).

Let the ship sail

I mean, who wouldn't ship this!? ...Ok, tons of people. Some people ship Bic Mac and Cheerilee, some people ship Big Mac and Fluttershy (FlutterCord FOREVERRRRR), and other ships... but, I prefer MarbleMac.

Just so cute!

There personalities mesh so well... "Mhmmmm!" "Eeyup!" (that scene when they're searching for the obsidian is adorable)

These are my three favorite pieces of fan art; 
They're both so shy <3

I love this style :D

BigMac is a apple farmer, and Marble is a rock farmer, so....
"Merry Christmas!"

This is what some random person thinks their kid would look like;
Blank flank... yet adorable

And, this is a humanized version;
BigMac looks sort alike Kristof...

So, yes. MarbleMac all the way :D

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. I would probably write pages, but I don't watch MLP;FiM. Though the pictures are cute!


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