Random Adventures of a Bookworm

Hey, readers!

So, this is a new blog series I'm working on... it's basically all the random things that happen while I'm hanging around with my friends.

This is the first entry :D

I got to church half an hour earlier than necessary. Being Sunday evening, we had rehearsals for the Christmas play.

Eventually, I decided to go outside and and wait for my friends.

The moment I got outside, my friend           pulled up.

We ran around for a bit, then went inside and sat in our Sunday School room. I told her about my idea for RAB--(Random Adventures of a Bookworm= RAB)--, and she liked it.

"Well," I said. "I also had an idea where I could change my friends' names, for safety reasons. What do you want yours to--"

"YUKI!" She shrieked before I could even finish my sentence. "I wanna be Yuki!"

"Yuki, like Y-U-K-I?"

"No, Yuki like Y-U-K-I."

"That's what I just said," I laughed.

"Oh. Yes, then," Yuki said as my friend Mandy walked in and sat on the piano bench.

"Hey, Mandy!" I said. "I wanna blog about random adventures I have with my friends, but I'm changing everyone's name for safety reasons. What do you want yours do be?"

"You can just call me Mandy." She said with a shrug, then paused. "Wait... are you gonna write down everything I say?"

"No, just the funny stuff."

"So, yeah, you're basically gonna write down everything I say."

I laughed, "No."

"You just laughed. You gonna write that down?"

"No--actually, I might." I said thoughtfully.

"There we go." Mandy said in a Ha-I-Knew-It kinda way.

Then Sarah-Senpai came in (I had told her and another friend about my idea that morning, so we had already decided on her name).

"Hello!" I said.

"Hi," She said, sitting down. "Why are you writing in your sketch book? Sketch books are for sketching, not writing."

"I'm logging everything that's going on."

Yuki peered over my shoulder. "Nah, you didn't write that           and           got here."

"Well, yes, but, I don't have names for them yet."

"Then, you should go get--"

Sarah-Senpai stopped talking as Mandy began playing the piano.

"Ooh, ooh, OHHHHH, I feel like I should know this!" I snapped my fingers a few times. "All of Me by John Legend?"

Mandy nodded, smiling.

"Ooh, can you do Trouble?"

Josie started humming along as Mandy began Taylor Swift's song.

We all had a jolly grand time waiting for the rehearsal to start.

And, thus, our first adventure.

If you'd be interested in reading more of these, please tell me so in the comments.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah The Bookworm


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