Reasons I'm Not a Stereotypical Modern Tween

Guten tag, readers!

It probably hasn't, but I feel like it's been a long time since I've done a post that I've put effort into.

So, I decided to make a post I put a ton of effort into.

Thus, this post was "born".

This evening, I am going to be writing the reasons I'm not a stereotypical modern tween, such as are seen in certain movies and books. I will be listing evidence for my argument, so, yes. Effort.

And, yes, I call compiling a list of reasons that I'm not a stereotypical modern tween "effort".

Now, on with the list!
  1. I hate shopping
  2. I hate trying on clothes
  3. Whenever I do go shopping, it's to buy art supplies, not makeup and what-not
  4. I don't swear
  5. I'm home-schooled
  6. I'm a Christian (as a matter of factoids, I'm a PK), so I don't say "Oh, my God"
  7. I talk like a normal human being, hence I don't talk in Tween (example, I don't say these things; "I can't even!" "So, then, like, we went to the store. Like, y' know?" "Ohhhmahhhgawddddddddddd, lookit this dresssssss!" etc.)
  8. I don't really like rap music, and prefer KPop (Korean Pop music, such as BigBang's "Fantastic Baby) to english pop
  9. I love my friends, and would never do the whole "I won't be your friend anymore if you don't (insert random task here)"
  10. I want to go to college and get a bachelor's degree 
  11. Science is really interesting to me
  12. Not only do I love reading, but I simply adore writing
  13. I enjoy writing letters
  14. I don't have any social media accounts
  15. I'm saving up for my own iPad
  16. I think it's the thought that matters, not the present or the price 
  17. When I get mad at someone, I tend to cast a killing curse on them (Avada Kedavra)
  18. I tend to do magic with pencils 
  19. I like my glasses, and proudly agree when I'm called a dork
  20. I don't post dark secrets and mushy gossip on my blog, I just have fun and be random
  21. I prefer the cold, hard truth to gossip
  22. I don't get red and quiet when I'm around a crush, I just talk to them as if they're a friend
  23. I'm constantly singing, even though I'm quite aware that I should like an injured walrus 
  24. When I find a song that fits a fanfic/character/book of mine perfectly, I  let out a psychotic giggle
  25. I can't do the nae-nae, and my whip isn't too good
  26. I have my own special kind of dance called "the drunk cripple"
  27. I don't even really know who Nash is, so I naturally prefer Thomas Sanders (they're both really popular Viners)
  28. I occasionally read children's books, just to humor myself
  29. I listen to oldies out of my own will (Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more! Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more.)
  30. I'm not allowed to date, I can only court
  31. I'm not allowed to court until I'm 16
  32. Due to my brothers, I like playing rough
  33. My brother once caught a quail with his bare hands (we were in Alaska when this happened)
  34. I go to extreme measures to prove I'm not a stereotypical modern tween
  35. I don't care about fashion
  36. I don't wear a drop of makeup
  37. I'm good at not bending under pure pressure
  38. I'm stubborn as a mule 
  39. I think that last one was just a random fact
  40. I'm just rambling now
  41. I ramble on lists
  42. Lists are fun
  43. Lists, lists, lists <3
  44. I'm gonna get to 50
  45. Daughter of Discord comes out in a few days
  46. It's my life-long dream to have a Harry Potter themed wedding
  47. That probably won't happen, but a girl can dream
  48. I sometimes tell people that "I'm half witch, half half-blood, and I was switched at birth, so I'm technically speaking adopted"
  49. My dad/mom could be a god, my mom/dad could be a witch/wizard, and a careless nurse accidentally switched me with another kid at birth, so I now spend my school year at Hufflepuff, and my summers at Camp HalfBlood, and the Mist makes it seem as if I'm home 24/7
  50. It could happen (not really, but I can dream)

So, there you have it.

This actually took me 3 days to write, believe it or not.

It'd be nice if I could get a comment. Please follow my blog :D

Thanks for reading,
Bekah the Bookworm


  1. No one is stereotypical.
    Would you count Peter, Paul and Mary as oldies? Because I love their songs!
    Here's the comment you were hoping for. Go comment on my blog now. (Please.)

  2. I don't like trying on clothes, either! Shopping as a whole can be fun, but not the "trying random articles of clothing on" part. ;D

  3. Well, we are glad you are YOU, injured walrus and all. Gma p.s. I don't like clothes shopping or make-up either.

  4. Haha!:D

    I go to extreme lengths to prove that I'm not a stereotypical teen too. But I like what KB said: "No one is stereotypical." (That's actually really awesome, KB. I'm guilty of "profiling" all the time, others and myself, so that was convicting and just really great.)

    I do say "I can't even." Guilty.

    SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES STRESSES ME! There are just all those racks of clothes, and you have to try to find the right style, color, fit…t'is nigh on to a nightmare. Now, a thrift store? Thrift stores I LOVE--if they have a good collection of books from which I can choose;)

    This was a fun post! Very well-done:D

  5. Despite the fact that I know no one who fits your description of "stereotypical modern tween", I really like this post! I would love doing a "reply" post. There will be sword fights...


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