The Blarfdors

Hey, readers!

Here's a short "story" I wrote... I hope you enjoy!
(This is so unprofessional, I laughed at myself.)
(And, anyone know the game "Sims"? Well, Jessica has it. When we have a sleepover, we made characters and this is pretty much the story of what we did while goofing around... so, yes.)

     This is the story of two girls... two sisters... a witch and a fairy... a responsible nurse and a lazy author... this is the story of Jessica and Rebekah Blarfdor. 
   Rebekah Blarfdor was adopted by the Blarfdors at the age of... uh, 2. I guess. She immediately became best friends with her new sister, Jessica Blarfdor (who's, like, almost 5 when Rebekah is adopted). 
     When they grew up, they decided to move into a shared house, so that the rent wouldn't be too unbearable. But, the second they walked up to the house after buying it, a magical wind blew by, and their eyes were "opened"... they realized that they moved into a supernatural town. Jessica had turned into a witch, and Rebekah turned into a fairy. 'Cause, reasons.
     After messing around with their powers for a bit, they went inside and sold a ton of the furniture, then bought some smaller stuff. Then they talked for a bit, and set a few spells on each other. But, they soon got annoyed and had a feud... for about 3 minutes. Then, the TV brought them together and they became friends again.
     Jessica got a job almost immediately, and Rebekah sat in her pajamas eating waffles. Then, Jessica went to work, and Rebekah randomly visited the Van Ghouls, who're vampires. Then, she went to a bar... and it was empty. Like, legit. She had to make her own drink and everything. 
     Anyway, this pretty much continued for a few days, with just a few twists here and there.
     So, yes.
     Oh, and, FYI, they live in a country called "Sims" in the magical realms of "Laptop". 

The End

I took, like, 10 breaks while writing this. I was listening to Pandora, y' see, and I have this weird thing where I like imagining animations to songs if they go well with my fanfics.... or books... So, yeah.
Be confused.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. *blinks*

    I *is* a little confused, 'must say.

    But it was entertaining anyway;)

  2. I love the Sims, as well...THE BLARFDORS RULE!!


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