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Hey, readers!

Ok, sorry for my disappearance. But, guess what? I have actually been productive during my absence! Woohoo!

Anyway, in my copy of Natalie Babbit's Tuck Everlasting, at the very end of the book there's a few pages of questions and activities. 

This post is going to be me answering those questions and doing those activities :D
(Due to the sadness level, I haven't read the book in almost a year, so this should be interesting.)

1. In the prologue, the author describes three things that happen on one day and then come together in a strange way. What are these three things?
Mae went for a ride, Winnie ran away, and the yellow-suit-guy came to town.

2. What does Winnie see in the woods that causes the Tucks to kidnap her?
She sees Jesse drinking the water.

3. What happened to the Tucks that made them realize tablet the spring water they drank was magical?
I think Jesse or Miles fell out of a tree.

4. Compare the Tucks family with Winnie's family. What does Winnie like better about the Tucks?

5. Explain why the man in the yellow sit follows Winnie to Tuck's house. What does he hope to gain?
The magical water.

6. What advice would you give Winnie about being with the Tucks? Would you tell her to stay, or run away?
I'd tell her to stay with them.

7. Why does Tuck take Winnie out to the rowboat? What message does he give her about living forever?
He gives her a message (duh) about the downsides to being immortal and why the water must be kept a secret.

8. What motives does Mae Tuck have for killing the man in the yellow suit? What arguments do you have to support her action? What arguments do you have against it?
I can't answer this without ranting. But, yellow-suit-guy totally had it coming.

9. Why is Winnie so worried about Mae Tuck going to the gallows? What might happen if they did?
Because if she went to the gallows everyone would find out that the Tucks are immortal.

10. How would the story be different if the man in the yellow suit had not died? What might have happened to the world and the Tucks?
No. Just no.

11. What meaning does the toad have for Winnie? Why do you think she pours the magical water over it? What do we learn about the toad in the epilogue to the story?
Idk, because she's an idiot, and the toad is a jerk.
(I totally believe that the toad is a total butt-headed jerk, but the whole Winnie-idiot thing is up for debate.)

12. If you had the same choice as Winnie, would you have taken a drink of the spring water? Why or why not?
The second I turned 17, I would drink every last sip of that water, because the Tucks are awesome.

13. Why do you think Natalie Babbitt wrote this book? What thoughts does she want to share with her readers?
Because she's a meany who hates Jesse. 

14. Do you think Winnie led a happy life? How do you think the Tucks May have changed the way she lived? 

(If you can't tell, I'm a die-hard Jesse+Winnie fan)

Now, onto the activities! 

1. Draw an illustrated map of the main settings in Tuck Everlasting. Label tej places that plat an important role in the story.
Eh... nah.

2. Imagine that you could choose to stay the same age forever. What age would you choose? Listen three reasons why you would want to stay that age forever. List three problems with staying that age forever.
21. I'd be able to drive, have a job, and get married. Um.....I can only think of two, the first being I'd have to watch all my friends and family (including my husband, Ilse :D) die while I stay the same, and the second bad thing would be that I'd be alive when God ends the world. That would be unfortunate for me.

3. Imagine the Tucks are everlasting and still wandering the earth. Write a description of them if they came into your town this year. Describe where you might see them, what they would be doing, and how you would recognize them. 

I sat on a chair at our church. Due to father being the senior pastor, we got there quite a bit early. My friends hadn't arrived yet, so I quietly drew and my brothers ran around upstairs.  I hear the sound of a door opening, and jump up excitedly, thinking that maybe a friend had came early. I turned around hopefully, but I didn't see any of my friends. Instead, I saw a family of 4. There were two middle aged folks with a grown son, and another son who looked a good 5 years older than me.

"Hello." I say out of nature, though I'm slightly bummed... however, these people look familiar. Huh, weird.
"Hello," The woman smiles at me. She has a friendly smile.
"Are y'all new here?" I ask.  "I haven't been here long, but I can't say you look familiar."
"Oh, no, this is our first time here." The oldest man said.
"We're having a family get-together, so we're just passing through." The grown son said.
"Oh, alright." I said. "Well, my name is Bekah. My father is the pastor here."
"I'm Jesse. That's my mum, my pa, and my brother Miles." The youngest son said.
"Nice to meet you, Bekah. You can call me Mrs. Tuck."
"Tuck?" I said blankly.
"Yes, and I'm Mr. Tuck." The man said. "How do y' do?"
"Tuck." I repeated.
"Um... yeah."
"HAHA. YES. I AM GREAT. AND YOU?" I say, trying to act cool.
The stare at me for a moment. 
"Um, we're good." Jesse said.
Mrs. Tuck frowns. "Yes, it is. How'd you know that?"
"Oh, no reason," I said, attempting to calm down. It failed, and I screamed, hugging each of them. "ARE Y'ALL REALLY IMMORTAL?"
I punched Miles in the gut, and he stumbled a few steps back. He seemed shocked, but not really in pain.
"That wouldn't really do it, I suppose." I quickly ran to the church kitchen and grabbed a knife. I ran back and grabbed Jesse's wrist. 

"Whoa, whoa, wait," The police officer scowled. "You expect us to believe that the guy you attacked was a fictional man?"
"I'm telling the truth! Honest!" I said, trying to remove my handcuffs. "Why do you think he wasn't hurt, huh?! I tried to explain to the lady, but she still called the cops!"
"Yeah, Bert, this one's a loon..."

Two years later, when I got out of Juvie, I  concluded my diary entry with;

"--and that's how I meant the Tucks. I think I may have over reacted, but I don't know."

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. I haven't read the book, but I have it. Nice story! Also, I can think of another sad thing: You wouldn't be able to share old age with your husband.

    1. Ahhhhh. I just re-read the post and was confused as to why I said "including my Husband, Ilse". I can now recollect why I did that :)

  2. Hahaha! These were awesome;)

    HOWEVER. Winnie is not an idiot and the toad is not a jerk!!! Hehe. I really like Winnie, and I think she made the right choice...even though...I mean...JESSE!!! *cries*

    Hahaha, your answer to what your reaction would be if you met the Tucks!!! XD

    "So after I got out of Juvie..." XD

    These were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed reading them!:D

    1. Thanks.
      And, yes, I said that Winnie's idiocy was up for debate... but, the toad is a jerk. I believe that Winnie thinks she made the right choice, and I suppose one could get to the conclusion that she DID make the right choice. However, if I were her, I would have drunk the water and goes to live with Jesse.
      I just imagine I'd be sent to Juvie for over-reacting ;)

      I'm glad you liked the post!

  3. YES YES YES. I just read the book and...THE TUCKS ARE EVERYTHING.


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