Art Set (Pro Edition) "Review"

Guten tag, dear readers! 

As you know, I have a great adoration of art. So, recently, I got an art app for the iPad.

It's called Art Set Pro Addition.

This is the little image that pops up in the app store.

This is what it shows when you open the app.

This is the way in which I draw on it.
Pencil tool for rough sketch
Paint-pen tools--both thick and fine--for lines 
I use the marker tool for coloring, because I find they have the best results for the kinda stuff I do.

This is a pony I drew with it.

This is a ThunderClan couple, also drawn with the app.
(As you can see from this, the hedgehog, and the pony, I am experimenting with eyes)

With multiple canvasses, tools, and colors to choose from, this is a great art app. I especially love how easy it is for people (like me) who use their fingers to draw.

It's even better when I borrow my mom's stylus, so it's good to know I can be even more fluent, should I ever get a stylus.

It has a color-blending tool, a back-tool, and a forward-tool, but it's missing a moving tool. I would really enjoy it if it had a moving tool. 

So, I give the art app 4.5 stars (nothing can beat actual paper and pencils, plus I really would appreciate a moving tool).

I strongly recommend this app to anyone with an iPad/iPhone who wants to get a good drawing experience.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah The Bookworm


  1. Great review, Bekah! Your art is amazing. Unfortunately, no app will make my art more than mediocre. :)


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