My Thoughts on Jane Eyre

Hey, readers!

It's time for... MY THOUGHTS ON JANE EYRE!!!!

It's been awhile since I've reviewed a book... I'm lazy like that. But, this was requested, so I'm gonna do it :D


I detest the entire Reed family. Always have, always will. (Though, John is the worst.)

"So, I would often go off by myself to read in my own private world--"

I really enjoy Bessie, Ms. Temple, and Helen Burns. They're little rays on sunshine in Jane's dark life.

Lowood sounds terrible! Ooh, I could slap Mr. Brocklehurst...!

I felt really bad for Jane when Helen died. Poor, poor Jane...

Mrs. Fairfax is really nice and homely :P

I also like Adele... the girl from the story, not the singer.

Oh, and, I simply adore how Jane and Mr. Rochester meet! It's so mysterious and romantic! 

Edward--Mr. Rochester--has a very intriguing personality. I liked learning more about him through the book.

I've always wanted to wake someone by splashing water on them... not under those circumstances, though.

I feel kinda bad for Grace Poole... she's always getting blamed Bertha's laughs.

"If she refuses, tell her I shall come upstairs and carry her down." 
Well, Mr. Edward, aren't you a persistent little nutcracker? 

I think Edward's gypsy idea was genius. Jane finding out it was him due to the ring was an excellent method, in my opinion.

Also, I love Edward's reaction when he learns that Mr. Mason is there.

I am a terrible human being. Even while Mrs. Reed is "repenting"--if you could even call it that--on her death bed, all I can think is, "Eh, you deserve what you're getting."

If I were Jane, I wouldn't have stayed away so long... at the same time, should I have been Jane, I would have slapped Mrs Edward; making Jane feel jealous and lowly was not the way to go about things, in my opinion.

All the same, I feel terrible bad for Edward. His marriage is crashed, his lunatic wife attacks him, and his lover runs away.

I really like Diana and Mary... John is ok, too, I suppose.
I guess I just wasn't a fan of him trying to get Jane to marry him, but I don't like him much.

But, goody, Jane goes back to... a pile of rubble?!

But, eventually, she and Edward get their happy ending... Edward even gets his vision back  (he looses it when the mansion burns down)!

In summary; I love this story! It's sort of dark, though, so I don't think anyone under the age of 10 should read it without permission. I give it 4 and a half stars :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts! :)

    "The girl from the story, not the singer." xD

    I like Jane Eyre (one does not simply DISlike Jane Eyre), but it's not my favorite. Though that's mostly just because it's a Gothic romance, and I just don't like that genre…anyway, I do enjoy it!

  2. Thank you for reviewing it! I didn't read everything to avoid spoilers, but I'll have to come back and finish this when I read the book for school next year:)

  3. Note to Bekah: Don't ever even contemplate waking Grandpa or Grandma with won't go well...just sayin! Gma


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