(100th post) My Thoughts on MLP:FiM's 100th Episode

Greetings and salutations! 

This is my 100th BLOG POST!!!!!!! WOOPWOOP!!!!

To commemorate this awesome post of great awesomeness (and the fact that Season 5 ended(D':)), I will be reviewing MLP;Fim's 100th episode. 
(Which is Season 5, episode 9, "Slice of Life")


Cranky and Matilda are getting MARRRRRRRIEEEEEEDDDD! Woohoo!

Ok, so.... they basically get the wrong date on the invitation. At the time the episode takes place, the wedding is supposed to be tomorrow, but it got moved to TODAY!


So, basically, all the background ponies star in an episode, as they all scramble around to get ready for Cranky and Matilda to tie the knot. 

First, Cranky goes to the mare who made the invitations and protests about the card mishap.

The invitation writer--DERPY HOOVES (screw Muffins, Ditzy Do, or whatever the heck they're calling her now; SHE'S "DERPY HOOVES")--then offered him some apologetic muffins.

Then, she goes and vents to.... DOCTOR WHOOVES! Aw, yeahhhhh! Anyway, they go to his--**fangirl squeal**--time machine (they don't say "TARDIS", but they go into a time machine that's bigger on the inside than the outside). Derpy tries to get Doctor's help, but when she say's the wedding's today, the Doctor flips out, because he still has to get his suit tailored.

He runs to Rarity's boutique, but no one's home. Then VINYL SCRATCH trots by, jamming out to her tunes... Doctor asked Vinyl for some help, but she can't really hear him. She takes him to a bulling ally where he runs into a well-tailored ponies. Then he starts bowling. 

Then, next thing we know, Ponyville is getting attack by a bear... bee... thing... It's really funny to watch the ponies talk about it.
"Maybe it's just a friendship problem, and it'll be cleared up in half an hour or so."

Oh, Octavia is there, too... she's cool, but she's never been my fav background pony.

I don't know who the mare Matilda asks for help is... but, I feel sad for her. "Me? No one's asked me to organize anything since Twilight came to town."

And, lucky Derpy, she gets to make amends when Matilda--er, "asks" her to get the flowers for the wedding. YAYYYY.

I love the flower ponies... the way the interact is hilarious X"D (I only recognize Rose, though.)


And, geez...They're supposed to be "best friends"--that's even what they say they are--but I feel like Hasbro is trying to sneak in a bit of hidden lesbianism. I'm not cool with that. 

"My name isn't BonBon. It's Special Agent Sweetie Drop."


Their entire friendship is based on a lie. Wowza.

Back to Doctor and Derpy... oh, my, the Bowling ponies tho X"D!!!!!!!!

And, don't use the fire-less fireworks, Derpy! NOOO! LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR!!!

Then, we enter a scene where Matilda is getting a mane appointment with the spa ponies... and, GASP! Steven Magnet! The dragon-thing from the first ever episode!!!!

But, man, he sucks at advice.


So, she enters a house... and, oh, Octavia's there. The share a house, but they have totally different sides... yet, they seem to get along fine. So, why have the house basically split in half?

Hmmm... What if they're sisters? Hate me if you want, but my theory is they're sisters....

So, Octavia is trying to make a unique piece for Matilda and Cranky's wedding...

And, bam! Classical dubstep!! I think that Vinyl and Octavia's "duet" is better than Skrillex vs. Mozart ERB.

I love the scene where they ride through the town picking up random ponies... EPIC X"D!!!

And, the directors slipped in a picture of the voice actors with pony heads on. I had to slow it down a ton to see that... but, wow, it was worth it X"D

And then...  Gummy gets deep. That was unexpected.

Luna and Celestia get a sisterly moment... died laughing there.

And, Shining Armor and Cadence show up... poor Shining is crying his eyes out.

Then, there's Derpy geeking out over the fireless-fireworks.... BonBon comes in and says that the main six dealt with the bug-bear... Lyra and BonBon chat, and Lyra forgives BonBon... and, Doctor wears his scarf. 

This episode could not get better and OH MY GOSH is just got better.

Ok, their noses touched earlier, but I let it slide... BUT DOCTOR AND DERPY JUST HUGGED AND MADE GOO-GOO EYES, THEN DOCTOR SAID "Allons-y!"


Steven gives Cranky a new wig... You've made Rarity proud, Steven, m' boy.

Then, Derpy slams the door in the mane six's face... they have to watch the wedding through the window X"D

Then the Mayor gives a lovely speech with tons of sweet scenes-- oh, hi, Zecora!

...Why the crap is there a Changeling at the wedding? Oh, well... I'm naming it Bob.

And, they get married! Woohoo :D!!

Uh-oh... the fireless-fireworks are igniting! ...AND THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL! So sparkly! The Doctor is overjoyed that love is the fire for these fireless-fireworks :)

The episode ends with Twilight saying, "Y' know, girls? We're so lucky to live in this town. I love you all!"

Then Rainbow Dash gives us some humors, and the episode ends.

Overall; I love this episode! I really wish Vinyl and Button Mash spoke, but, hey, it was still a grand 100th episode :)  I'm glad Cranky got his girl... I think it's in season 1 where Cranky and Matilda first get together. I definitely recommend it, and I am so glad I got to review it for my 100th post.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


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