Fun Fact

Hello again, readers!

Fun Fact;

If one vaults over a couch, lands on the edge of the seat area and falls to the floor, it IS possible for one to bounce twice on a wood floor, which can result in your arm locking

I know this because I did it just a few minutes ago.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah The Bookworm

(P.S.--Yes, I know that this is a very poor "I'm-not-dead/I'm-back" post, but still...)


  1. Hmm...thank you, Bekah. A very fun fact indeed.

    1. Mhmm, it's even more fun to do it yourself. LOADS of fun. Just buckets of it.

  2. ...I'll keep that in mind...thank you for supplying us with such a practical piece of information! ;)

    (And, ow, that must have hurt!)

  3. Yikes! Dreadfully sorry about that, old thing. Hope you're all better soon!


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