My Thoughts on Gone With the Wind

Hey, readers!

Welcome to my thoughts on Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. 

This won't be too detailed, but I need to write a post on something.

Before I start, I want to make it clear that I do not like this book, and thus you may want to check some other reviews out before you come brush this book off as terrible. 

To everyone who likes the book and is offended by this post; I'm sorry, the story just makes me cringe! Cringe, cringe, cringe-y cringe...

I have decided to not go on a rant as to why this book makes me cringe (at least, I don't think I went into too much detail), and instead give the basic plot summary and a few of my thoughts on it.
Warning: Spoilers 

Scarlett O'Hara, our "heroine", is the confederate daughter of a well-off, single father (the mother died). She is madly in love with a frustrating (I find him frustrating, at least) guy named Ashley. When Ashley marries someone else, Scarlett does as well, but she does so in spite. Before this, she throws a tantrum in which we meet the sly, smooth-talking womanizer, Rhett Butler. The rest of the story is basically Scarlett's POV as she goes through life and husbands (they all die {except for Rhett [who she does end up marrying]}), Rhett trying all the while to get her to... er... um... well, sleep with him. As already stated, they do eventually get married, but only in the last quarter-or-so of the book. Yet, Scarlett still moons after Ashley, and Rhett still moons after "pleasurable company". The book ends with Rhett's leaving--"My dear, I don't give a damn"--, and Scarlett (who is now madly in love with him) swearing to win him back--"After all, tomorrow is another day".

I do not recommend this book at all, but if you wish to read it, I suggest you be at least 12. There's seductive and sensual romance, though it never goes too far as to actually describe anything. There is also a decent amount of swearing, as well as some darker themes, seeing as it takes place during and after the Civil War.

I think that Scarlett is a prideful little special-person who I wish would just grow up (I suppose she does at the end of the book, but still). As their marriage draws to an end (it is strongly hinted that they get a divorce, but IDK), I think that Rhett stops seeing other women because he is truly in love, before he stops being in love, because WHY NOT.

The entire story just really gets on my nerves, and... grrrrrrr.

**inhales and exhales, smooths my clothes and my hair, then smiles**

So, have any of you read the book? If so, please leave a comment as to what your opinion of it is.

Also, if you have read the sequel (it was written 50 years later by a different author), or seen the movie, please tell me if they're worth reading/watching.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah The Bookworm


  1. I haven't read Gone With the Wind, but I probably should . . . I'll put that on my summer to-read booklist.

  2. I was also not a huge fan of the book and just can't figure out WHY it is such a big deal. It's such a SAD book, I kept waiting for the characters to find happiness...but the book ends in such an unresolved manner, I was personally not a fan.


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