The Flower Girl (redo)

Hey, readers!

Y'all may recall that, awhile back, I posted a short story, and a poem.

Well, I decided to re-do the poem as to make it rhyme.

The little flower girl skipped down the hall.
To the footsteps softly approaching, she paid no heed at all.
No one heard the scream over the music and joyous ball.
The stained-red hall was blamed on the punch,
And the reeking trash was “due to lunch”.
And of the red velvet cake, everyone wanted an extra munch.
From then on that church always has an eerie feel.
“Come play with me!” “Don’t eat the cake!” A young voice does squeal.
An unseen girl often sobs, “Why was I part of the meal?”
Spines tingle and hearts break,
Poor little flower girl, never to wake.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


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