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I’m sorry for the lack of posts. I can honestly put part of the blame on our limited wifi, but the majority of the blame rests on my lazy shoulders. I could try to make a promise to write a post every day, but I feel like that would not work, and I am not one to make empty promises. 

Anyway, Ilse the Imaginer semi-recently wrote a post called “Background Ships That are Secretly Everything”, which was basically a top ten list of side ships. She the prompted others to do the same, and here I am to comply (ain’t that nice of me, just sitting here complying happily?)

10. Sadie and Lars (Steven Universe)
I just think they’re a sweet couple… I mean, they aren’t technically a couple-couple, but they’re totally a couple. It won’t make sense unless you watch the show. (Also, who else is super excited for “In Too Deep”!?)

9. Neville and Luna (Harry Potter)
Ok, so, technically speaking, Mrs. Rowling has said that they never get together. But, guess what? I GIVE NO DARNS,  they are perfect for each other.

8. Dr. Whooves and Derpy Hooves (MLP;FiM)
They are constantly seen together in the back ground of the show, the show’s comics (both fanmade and company made) have them interacting in an often romantic manner, and episode 100 basically sailed that ship into the sunset with a big happy “THE END” in a ribbon. (Also, people, she is Derpy Hooves. Not “Ditzy Doo”, not “Muffins”, DERPY. HOOVES.)

7. Hildy and Spud (An American Adventure)
Yes, Hildy is the main character of the series and yes, Spud is often hinted as her love interest. But, in the 5 books of the series that I have read, they never actually get together, and thus I declare this a Side Ship. And a very adorable Side Ship, might I add! 

6. Darwin and Carrie (The Amazing World of Gumball)
I only really noticed this last Halloween when they kissed in the special Halloween episode, but after rematching a lot of the show, I realize that Darwin’s crush on Carrie has been decently evident throughout the series (despite occasional episodes where there is a comical misunderstanding and Darwin ends up with a girlfriend that leaves before the end of the episode). Darwin is my favorite character, and I like Carrie, so I just really adore this ship :D

5. Mr. and Mrs. Otterton (Zootopia)
I went and saw this movie the day it aired in theaters (March 4, 2016) and I immediately shipped these two. They’re married, have three kids, and are just adorable! I felt like my heart was being ripped out when (spoilers…?) Mrs. Otterton runs into the room, tears in her eyes, clutching a picture of her family and begging someone to find her husband. Then Judy comes to the rescue, (end of possible spoilers) and it’s just so adorable and happy when they get reunited

4. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley (Harry Potter)
If you think me a copycat, I am sorry; I just really adore these two. They work so well together, and they’ve stayed true through seven kids, two battles with a dark lord, and everything else in their gloriously wonky universe.

3. Chloe and Ice Bear (We Bare Bears)
It’s a show about walking, talking bears of different species who are brothers. I can dream if I wanna dream, thank you very much.

2. Mousefur and Longtail (Warriors)
I won’t lie, I always thought of Mousefur as an annoying grump (I did adore Longtail, despite his gravelly start), but these two were always so perfect for each other! I feel like their relationship really expanded when they were in the Elders Den. And then—*sob*—Longtail (SPOILERS) died while trying to retrieve some fresh kill for Mousefur. And then in they great battle, he comes and fights with her from StarClan, and then she dies and he becomes this awesome fit of epic awesomeness that just tore at my heart. (end of spoilers)

1. Fitz and Simmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)
Screw season two, these guys are made for each other! (ok, this will probably have a lot of spoilers) They work so well together! Fitz just about sacrificed himself for her until Ward went off and did his dumb little Ward thing and I hate him thank goodness he’s dead *gasp of breath*. But, really, these two even kissed in Ward’s little death-trap thingy before Fitz DID sacrifice himself for Simmons. GRARRRRRRASDJFASJDLF. Thank goodness Ward is dead, am I right?

Well, there you have it! This was a ton of fun, I strongly encourage my readers to take part in the festivities.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
A. Ham
 A. Burr

(Hahahaha… Addictive musicals. Gotta love 'em!)

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing this! YES to the Ottertons, they didn't occur to me! They are the cutest, 'tis true.

    1. YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME, it was my pleasure!
      And, yeah, the Ottertons are adorable :D

  2. Yeah, I enjoyed doing the post (as well as reading both Ilse's and yours).
    I didn't recognize any of these couples, except for Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, of course, and they are wonderful.

    1. You did one, too? I didn't get the update email thingy from Blogger... oh, well. I shall go check that out.
      I have some very exotic couples, no :D?


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