Short Kpop Rant

Hello Readers!

Can we all take a moment to respect the glorious awesomeness that is Kpop? I was really into it (like obsessed) about 7 months ago, but I've been getting back into it and just WOW.

BTS is so glorious---listening to "bulletproof" right now--and their dancing is just WOW! (I love them all but Suga is my favorite)

It just occurred to me that some of you might not know what "Kpop" is. Kpop is short for "Korean Pop", referring to pop music in Korean by Koreans.

Does anyone else have a random music obsession?

Thanks for reading and being patient with my unexplained absences!


  1. Well, I really enjoy Peter, Paul and Mary (which was a 50s musical group specializing in folk songs).


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