End of the Year Wrap Up (Merry Christmas!)

Howdy,  friends! 

I haven't posted in what, four months? Yeesh...

A lot has happened in my absence. We've passed some holidays, and I've gotten some ups and downs. Freshman year of high school is nothing in comparison to Junior year, or so I've heard, but so far in my life ninth-grade is the absolute WORST. I'm managing high Cs and mid-to-high Bs, but this is my worst grade year thus far. Ugh.

In other notes, GUYS. THE PAST FEW MONTHS.

We've gotten a full trailer for Beauty and the Beast, we've gotten Dr. Strange, we've gotten two new Harry Potter inclusions (a book/play, and a movie). 

And, have you guys heard about all the movies Disney is going to turn into live-action features?

This doesn't really have to do with any of that, but I recently read a book called "Lawless", and it's fantastic!

Also, I dyed my hair! Over Thanksgiving weekend, my friend Josie came over and spent a few nights, and we went to a drug store on Thanksgiving night to get Splat hair dye (I highly recommend it).

Last but not least, it's almost Christmas! Yay! Do any of  you have an special plans?

Here are some random pictures/gifs, enjoy!
Hurrah for low-quality iPad photos!
The horror is real
(I asked my youngest brother what his favorite part of Christmas was, expecting "presents" or something. He looked at me with that annoyingly cute face of his and declared, "Jesus' birthday is my favorite part!" The kid is 6 and he's already got his priorities. Well done, mom and dad.)

Thanks for reading,


  1. Yay! You're back! (? Are you?) Sorry about your grades. YES TO ALL THE MOVIES. I'm not sure how I feel about live action Disney, but DR. STRANGE and FANTASTIC BEASTS. :D

    1. Yes, I'm back(ish) :D And thanks, im doing much better this semester :3
      Im a bit wary of Disney's remakes, but at the same time genuinely curious and excited--its odd, BUT YES DR. STRANGE AND FANTASTIC BEASTS

  2. Cats and dogs, cats and dogs! Chin up, grins!

    --Sunny :D :D :D :D


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