Beautiful People--July 2014 Edition

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Back with another Beautiful People post! And, as y'all know, Beautiful People was created by bloggers Cait and Sky. Check 'em out :)

For this entry of Beautiful People, I will be using Emily and Millard Wright, 15 year old twins who get tangled into a lout of ghoulish business after their necromancer friend, Alison, is taken by a pyromancing psychic.

What’s their favorite food? (Bonus: favorite flavor of chocolate!)
Emily loves Supreme pizza and cappuccino Ritter Sport chocolate.
Millard can't decide, but his favorite type of food is Greek. He loves original milk chocolate.

What do they absolutely hate?
Millard is at that point in life where he absolutely hates humanity. He prefers cats and, on a grimmer note, corpses.
Emily is a passionate person and absolutely hates a lot of things.

What do they enjoy learning about?
Emily enjoys learning about many things, and as of late the Netherworld.
Millard enjoys learning about everything except Math.

Who is the most influential person in their life?
Probably their grandfather, who's their guardian.

What is their childhood fear?
Like, a fear they've had since childhood?
For Millard, water (well, water deep enough to swim/drown in).
For Emily, snakes. She does not like snakes.
What is something they have always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible?
Being able to fly for Emily, and ruling the world for Millard.

What is something he is impractically afraid of?
Rather specific, but ok. Despite being pretty good in just about everything, Millard is illogically scared of failing just about everything.

Are they a night owl or morning person?
They're both night owls.

Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid?
Emily says just about whatever comes to mind, but Millard keeps his thoughts to himself.

What are their nervous habits?
Emily cracks her knuckles repeatedly, even when they stop cracking. Millard recites little jingles under his breath.

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-Bekah the Boowkrom


  1. These two sound like SUCH. FUN! I can tell their a handful, but fun. :)


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