Beautiful People---August 2014 Edition

Hiya, people, it's me again :P

This time ‘round, I'll answer for my character Winter Serein Rosaceae, an extremely wealthy jewelry designer who cares more for flowers than his riches. He is a reoccurring side character in various novels that take place in my "dimension".
(Beautiful People was created by bloggers Cait and Sky.)

What does your character regret the most in their life?
Probably accepting an important role in the family business he can't leave when he would've been perfectly content part-timing at a florist shop.

What is your character’s happiest memory? Most sorrowful memory?
His happiest memory is when he ran off with his older brother at a festival and spent the afternoon enjoying the sights with him and a common girl, Diane.
His most sorrowful memory is when he let his family persuaded him to break off his engagement to Diane, and instead marry a high class business partner’s daughter.

What majorly gets on your character’s nerves?
Many things really peeve him off-- his father pushes his buttons a lot.

Do they act differently when they’re around people as opposed to being alone? If so, how?
Yes. He's much more serene and regal around people, when in private he's probably in pajamas hunched over a bag of chips lazily sketching jewelry concepts whilst grumbling about life.

What are their beliefs and superstitions? (Examples: their religion or lack of one, conspiracy theories, throwing salt, fear of black cats.)
Winter resides in my “dimension”, so it has its own deities/religions and what not. That said, he spent his childhood growing up in a home that didn't really care either way, so he has the same mind said but is interested in things concerning Arthur of Eternia and Malison of the Netherworld.
He is a big fan of conspiracy theories, but is not superstitious.

What are their catchphrases, or things they say frequently?
“Gosh diddly darn it.”
“Why no, father, I haven't won a bonel peace prize yet.”
“Oi, dog, stop trying not to eat my feet.”
“Why yes, father, you have told us the stories of your numerous bonel peace prizes.”
“Someone should totally get me more chips.”
“Why sure, father, we'd love to hear the tales of the bonel peace prizes again.”
“No prob, bob.”

Would they be more prone to facing fears or running from them?
Running from them and hating himself for it later.

Do they have a good self image?

Do they turn to people when they’re upset, or do they isolate themselves?
He isolates himself.

If they were standing next to you would it make you laugh or cry?
Probably both.

Thanks for reading! 
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. Ooh, Winter sounds fun. :) Is this the Leo story, the Stranno + Eagan story, or a different one?

    1. I had forgotten to write that, whoops--thanks for reminding me!

  2. Winter sounds like he's equal parts extremely frustrating to be around and extremely interesting. He also seems like he's super fun to write!

    Thanks for stopping by Writing on a Vintage Typewriter!

    1. He is indeed fun to write, thank you!
      And, no prob :)


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