Beautiful People---September 2014 Edition

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Beautiful People was created by bloggers Cait and Sky

He's rich, he's Russian, and he's the reason Balantér hasn't blown up the solar system-- please give a warm welcome to this edition’s star, ALEKSANDR! He's from a mafia story of mine that takes place in my “dimension” (most of my tales). I'll do one of these with Balantér later, probably. Anyway, back to Aleksandr.
From ages 7-12 (he was an orphan until then), he was illegally experimented on (as well as tortured and vaguely cursed) by a cultish creed called The Void. He was then used for his power for another two years, until an ex-conman (Tom) helped free him from the Void’s grasp.
Aleks learned from Tom, who became like a father. With Aleks’ power and Tom’s knowledge, the two formed a skillful gang which slowly evolved from mob to mafia.They basically control the state of Montana, and have a presence across America.
It was from this and various businesses/corporations of his that Aleks got his fortune. Tom passed away (poor guy was old) and left all his share to Aleks, so he’s now basically a multi-billionaire kingpin with a few businesses he has to keep track of.
And, yes, he is a villain. Shocker.

What is their motive?
To make Tom proud and to make the Void pay in his own way.

What do they want, and what are they prepared to do to get it?
He was everything he was denied, but to an extreme. He wants everything in a sense, yet he knows he deserves nothing. Nonetheless, he's willing to do basically anything (don't worry, he has morals (vaguely)).

How do they deal with conflict?
He has a temper on him, but after such a long time he's learned to control it. So, he generally gets off with icy wordplay. Occasionally pays away his issues. When he does get violent to get rid of conflicts (rare), he wipes the conflict off the face of the earth.

Describe their current place of residence.
He stays in his mansion in the wood of Montana, near the Canadian border. His house is surrounded by forests and mountains, and it either snows or rains constantly. The mansion itself looks sorta prison-y on the exterior, maybe a bit more polished. The interior is much more showy of his wealth, though.

If they were writing this story, how would it end?
Easy. He and Mei would marry and start a family, Balantér would probably die some overly-gory death, and Tom would slide into the room and be like “hey kids not dead lol”.

What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to them?
Hmm… He speaks Russian a lot (thank you, random YouTube videos and to a lesser extent google translate), but that's not really unique to him. Here are some saying that are sorta unique:
“любовь для одиноких и слабым (love is for the lonely and the weak).” Occasionally followed by, “I am not weak, but I am lonely.”
“Артур всемогущего, вы дебилы (Arthur almighty, you morons).”

How do they show love? What do they like to do with/for people they love?
Well, first he had to open up and let himself love, but after that lengthy feat he shows love in two ways. His love language is tied between Verbal and Physical Reassurance, so that's how he shows love as well. Lots of hugs, pats, and encouragement.

Do they have any pets?
Yes, he semi-illegally has two polar bears who are expecting cubs-- Vlad and Anya.

Where would they go to relax/think?
The pond by his house. He sits out there on a boat and just rests and ponders.

What is their weapon of choice? (FYI: words, eyes/looks, and fists count as weapons too.)
For a human weapon, he likes guns for quick precision. However, when he beasts-out thanks to the crap the Void did, he uses his teeth and claws along with sheer strength.

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. That sounds... COOL. Who's Mei? What's she like? ALL THE CURIOUSITY.

    1. I'm going to try and do one of these with her and one of these with Balanter, so you shall have to wait and see ;)

  2. I spelled 'curiosity' wrong, didn't I? *sighs*


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