Beautiful People--March 2017 Edition

Hello, my friends!

My friend Ilse has done a few Beautiful People posts, and I like them, so I figured I'd do it with some characters of my own.

The Beautiful People tag/challenge was created by bloggers Cait and Sky. Every month they let out new questions (generally on the 5th) and you can fill them out. Over all its great fun, and I highly recommend checking them out :)

Now, I'm choosing to do this with my two characters, Stranno and Eagan. They are from a series of mine called "All our Darkness", and they actually aren't main characters (the main character is Hope, their grown daughter). But, anyway, the two of them are Fates, beings who control and oversee destinies and watch over duties with their power. Stranno and Eagan wed after knowing each other for the majority of their lives, and they were married for seven years before Eagan died (won't tell you how due to spoilers), and Stranno sent Cody and Hope to live with some mortals. There's a lot I could say on the matter, but this is supposed to be a brief "get to know them" thing. Anyway, here we go!

1. What's their favorite book/movie/play/etc.?
     Stranno's favorite play is "A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder", and Eagan's favorite books are the Anne of Green Gables series.

2. Is there anything they regret doing?
     Eagan doesn't really have anything she regrets doing, aside from maybe not fighting hard enough and having to leave Stranno alone with their kids. Stranno regrets many things, one of which was not standing by the good Fates' sides and letting them all die.

3. If they were sick and wounded, who would take care of them, and how?
     I think this means like between the two of them? Ok so;
     If Stranno got sick/wounded, he would treat himself and try his best to not let anyone know, due to not wanting to worry anyone. If Eagan found out, though, there would be a lot of soup, homemade remedies, and doting until he healed.
     If Eagan got sick/wounded, she would undoubtedly be able to count on the other good Fates and Stranno to be by her side to help her. Stranno specifically would make sure to get her the help she needs as soon as she needs it. 

4. Is there an object they cant bare to part, and why?
     Yep! Back when Eagan was still alive and well, her father had given her a flower pin hair piece to show his love, and she couldn't part with it. 
      And Stranno keeps his and Eagan's wedding rings on a chain necklace around his throat 24/7.

5. What are five ways to win their heart (friendship)?
      Well, since they were married and had already won each others' hearts, I am going to list five ways to gain each of their friendship since that is conveniently an option. 
      To befriend Eagan and have her befriend you, you would need to: be sweet and kind, generous and humble, have a good sense of humor, not find humor in the downfall of others, and have a bit of wisdom up in your noggin ;)
      To befriend Stranno and have him befriend you, you would need to: prove yourself to be dependable and trustworthy, don't talk on matters you know nothing about, be willing to give and get help, enjoy winter, and, last by not least, do NOT be one of the wretched Fates who killed his wife. 

6. Describe a typical outfit for them from top to bottom. 
     Eagan would wear a green button-up blouse, blue jeans, and black Vans. As a minimalist, she probably would not have any accessories other than her flower hair piece, her wedding ring, and maybe a purse depending on where they were.
      Stranno would probably just have a (by now faded) AC/DC t-shirt with jeans that brush over the rim of well-worn boots. Pre-wife-death he'd have his ring on, post-wife-death he'd have the aforementioned ring necklace. 
      (They don't wear fancy clothes, I'm sorry ;-;)

7. What's their favorite type of weather?
      Stranno loves storms-- thunderstorms, snow storms, etc.--and cold weather.
      Eagan is much more of a "summer breeze" type of gal. 

8. What's the worse fight they've ever been in?
      Being Fates, they have a lot of fights/battles with various things, however I'm not sure if it means that or fights they had together/with each other. I'm going to choose the latter.
      So, worst fight the two had... probably their last one. Eagan thought they should stand with the other good Fates, Stranno thought they should get the heck out of there... basic fight with some nasty, regrettable jabs that neither really meant. 

9. What names/nicknames have they been called throughout their lives?
      Stranno didn't really ever get fond nicknames, aside from thing like "honey" and "babe" from Eagan. 
      Eagan went by "E". It was simple. 

10. What makes their hearts feel alive?
     Doing the roles assigned to them as Fates, being with each other, and being parents. 

So there we have it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it-- I sure had fun writing it! I think I'm going to do these monthly from now on :D

Thanks for reading!
~Bekah the Bookworm


  1. Aw, I love how Stranno wouldn't want to worry anyone, and Eagan's all 'I'm not worried, just let me care for you!' and then basically attacks him with loving.

    1. X3 Glad you like it! And yeah, they're adorable together <3

  2. Oh my gosh, I love how classy they are! :D Nice place you got. ;)

  3. Lovely post! I really enjoyed getting to know your characters, and your story concept sounds really cool! :D

    1. Thank you very much, Melissa, I appreciate that!

  4. That sounds awesome! Bekah, your characters rock. I'd love to know more about them and your story!

    1. I'm glad you like them! I'll email you more about them if I don't get around to using them in anymore of these :)


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