My Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast (2017 remake)

Bonjour, my treasured guests! 

On Fathers' day, my dear old dad rented the new Beauty and the Beast and I finally got to see it. What's that? "Did I like it"? To answer that question, I will ask and answer questions of my own. 

  1. Did I watch the movie three days in a row? Yes, yes I did. 
  2. Did I memorize Evermore in a week? Yes, yes I did. 
  3. Was I impressed with the actors and their character portrayals? Yes, yes I was. 
  4. Did I laugh, cry, gasp, and sing along in all the right places? Yes, yes I did. 
  5. Did I put it on my Christmas list as soon as I finished watching it? Yes, yes I did.
  6. Am I listening to the deluxe movie soundtrack album right now? Yes, yes I am.
On that note, did I like the movie? No. I loved the movie, a tiny bit more so than the original, even. Now, don't get me wrong, the movie had it's flaws. I want to rant on how awesome it was, so I'm gonna get the negatives out of the way real quick.

Ok, first off, the director of the film declared that LeFou was in fact gay. In all honesty, if he hadn't, I wouldn't have even guessed until the very last scene. It looks like plain and simple hero worship until the two-second scene where he dances with another guy. I'm not sure why they deemed that necessary, but alas it's in there. It's nearly unnoticeable, however, and it still family friendly. So it's a negative, but if you don't pay it any attention it won't affect your viewing experience. In all honesty I can't really think of any other negatives... there were some bits that wouldn't be historically realistic for the time period, but it's a Disney movie about an enchanted castle with talking furniture. The movie wasn't going for realistic, so I'm not gonna tick it for that. I was positive I had at least three things wrong with the movie but I honestly cant recall any of the other things. I think I was irked that they never named the Beast. I know "Adam" is floating around for his name, but Disney has denied that some places and accepted it in others, so I wish they could've settled that once and for all in this one. But, alas, they didn't. 


First off, the new opening sequence? 
FANTASTIC! It's just amazing! 

And just the entire movie... it's amazing. Emma Watson did PERFECTLY with Belle. And then Josh Gad was a grand LeFou, and of course Luke Evans was seemingly made to play Gaston. 

Also, I love the backgrounds they gave to their characters. LeFou and Gaston being war pals made sense, the thing with Maurice's wife was tragically understandable, and the Beast's cruel father made his attitude logical. 

On that note, guys, the Beast was AMAZING! Dan Stevens went through quite the process to create the beast. 10" stilts, a muscle costume, a gray suit, not to mention having to redo all his scenes from the neck-up for animation reference. But, IT WAS WORTH IT! 

By the way, did y'all know the filming ended over a year before the movie was actually ready to be released? Lots of animation had to be done to make it as realistic looking as it was. Mad respect to all those animators! 

Also, I like the various couples they expanded upon. The main Belle and the Beast couple were advanced greatly (NOW I KNOW SHE'LL NEVER LEAVE MEEEEE), the bit with Mr. Potts finally remembering what he was looking for was heartwarming, Lumiere and Plumette made my day, and the maestro with his opera wife were comically adorable. 

Also, guys, THE SONGS. They had new ones, awesome renditions of old ones, and the animation for all were great! "Be My Guest" was especially fantastic visually! Also, something I didn't catch until later; Lumiere is madly in love with Plumette, Plumette turns into a duster, and one of the lines he sings in Be Our Guest is "For so long we've been rusting, needing so much more than dusting--". The feels man, they can't even hug because his hands will light her feathers on fire. Poor them ;-;

Evermore was an awesome song addition, by the way! On that note, these people can really sing! Even if there was some auto tune assistance, I still enjoyed it! 

(SPOILERS AHEAD--kind of... if you've seen the first movie you know it's gonna happen anyway... ok, SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN EITHER MOVIE) Beast's death sequence was really drawn out in this one... and after a heartwarming, "Belle...? BELLE! YOU CAME BACK!" I was actually scared for a second. My mom went so far as to worry that they were actually going to kill the Beast off. But, he did come back of course, and it was really sweet. (END OF "SPOILERS", AS IF ONE COULD SPOIL SUCH A WELL-KNOWN TALE).

Something I wanted to address was that this movie got a lot of crap because "they didn't change anything". 
First off, bull to that statement, they changed/added a good deal of things and 99% of it was amazing. 
Secondly, critics give crap if you change too much (as we saw with the newer Pete's Dragon (which admittedly was so different they could've changed the boy's name and had a whole new movie)), but I think they're being ridiculous here. It's a classic movie, you can't change a lot without getting a huge outcry. So, they took a chance and changed a few things, and I think that was very brave of them. 
Thirdly, according to the tomato meter thing, it's only got a 71% rating. That's a C-. Somehow, in some way I cannot even begin to fathom, this movie basically has a C- professional rating. It deserves an A, in my mind! A good, solid, 96% A! But, alas, I'm not a critic.

So, overall, I loved it! It had it's flaws, but not enough to ruin a veiwing experience. The additions were fabulous. The songs were glorious. The casting was perfect. 

Way to go, Disney, you outdid yourself! This is my favorite Disney live-action remake to date (closely followed by The Jungle Book, another awesome remake)!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review! It was fun to write! And, tell me, have any of you seen the new Beauty and the Beast? Did you like it?

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    *caps-lock key finally, magically enables me to talk in normal speech*

    Seriously, I'm so, SO glad you loved this as much as I did!!! And the little Q&A thing you did was ALL THE RELATABLE.

    *happy sigh* This was fantastic. Thank you. :)

    (Also, again, I'm sorry I haven't been here in so long!! I hope you're doing well! <3)


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